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Our family owns a campground, about 8 miles from Windyville. One night when we were driving through Windyville, we snapped a few pictures along the roads. Look very closely at this picture. It appears to be a girl holding a Lantern. If you blow the picture up, you can make out the eyes, nose and hair line. She appears to be wearing an old fashioned night gown. There are two unexplained in the photo as well, which look like a lantern. Keep in mind that there are no reflectors along any of the roads in Windyville. I am including a blown up picture of the figure. I have done no additional work to this picture other than enlarging this section. You can see the origional much smaller in the other pictures. Photo 1   Photo 2
Please feel free to use these photos on your website. We have dozens of others from the windyville area with orbs, but this is the only one you can actually see a face. These were taken on MM, about 1 mile east of the intersection of MM and KK. Thanks

We went out to wendyville on two times the first time my son and a couple of friends went to the bridge and they had some strange things happen. they pulled on to the bridge, shut off the lights and got out of the car took some
Pictures and walked around. on some of the pictures they cought some orbes and some Red Lights like Eyes or something else on of the girls got a picture video of a burrning oak and then my son a disbeliver was kinda taunting the sprits and he in return recieved a Burn mark on his leg and a hand print on his stomach and the front of his neck turned brite red his frirnd was walking around the car and a red streak come flying between them and the car and it disappered in a couple of seconds later then they got in the car real fast at that point they got the car started and put it in gear and the car would not move the clutch was ingaged this car was a new cadilac cts it was always in good working order but it would not move about then some one saw hand prints on the wind shield then they took a picture from the inside of the car and they saw hand prints on the picture but a little while later that picture had a data error on it but the next picture has a horrible face on the windshield i am attaching a picture of the face the lights the orbs the burn on the leg and the face then when my son went back to the navy he took my cadilac with him the car started doing some strange things like the sun roof would open on its own with no keys in the ignition and the windos would roll down with no keys in the ignition and you would be driving down the road and all the electrical would just shut on and off on the car would die for no reason his friends would not even ride with him from the base they didnt even know about the night trip to wendyville but they said the car was haunted and they didnt want anything to do with it . about two weeks later about two and a half hours after my son went to bed the master of arms woke him up and told him his car was on fire (my car)      
  so he came home then he said him and his friends were going to wendyville so my sister and said we were going we are almost 40 and i still didnt believe it so we followed my son in my sisters car the kids took two other trucks they stoped on a bridge it was about mid night my sister said she felt some one telling her to get off of the bridge over and over till it was just to much for her then i passed them and turrned around and came back my son went one and i did a evp with my cell phone and we were asking questions and one of the questions was are you an older man and at that time the light on my phone dimmed and my phone does not do that so we left and we drove down a gravel road not knowing where we were going we stoped a a river access and we were talking with the trucks and the car side by side with our windows down i was playing with my phone trying to bring up the bridge recording but it was not even there ? who knows but at that time we felt a jolt in the car as if some one had jumped on the back of the car so i asked them if they felt that and they responded yes! at that point we told the others and they said we have got to get out of here they took off like bats out of hell leaving us there when one fo the passengers said we need to leave now so i was getting ready to leave and there was another jolt on the back of the car even harder freaked this non believer out then when we got away from the access the passinger said he saw a all white figure on the other side of the river keep in mind we did not know anything about the stories we just thought we were stopping in a good safe place to talk this is a very active place even the people who dont believe will

I went to Windyville last night with a friend of mine. I live in Richland. When we arrived there, nothing seemed out of the ordinary, except for when we started to enter the town there was a thick white fog that floated above us. It was only took a second to drive through it. Well as we entered the town about 12 I'd say, we parked in front of this building in this pic..there were lights on on some buildings around Windyville. So we get out of my car and pause because there was very faint music coming from this building. Like the movie house of wax, like the gas station. well i step back to take a photo of the building and I looked at the photo just a few mins ago to discover a face on the right window, first top square. Maybe its just me but I think I see something. Well anyway, as soon as i take the photo, Lights turned on in the huge white house behind me. We both look and I noticed someone walking up the stairs. Then the lights on the top floor turned on. I started freaking out haha. Then i believe they were kids, but we heard a loud pop! I froze and my friend started laughing. It was a fire work..I think. So I make him get in the car and we drove down the road a bit and got out and walked..So it was kind of disappointing but That picture is the only thing I got. I dont even know if it's anything really.

Growing up near the windyville store i had several encounters with the public on the sightings of the "ghost that wanders there". I, myself,  being a sceptic of the paranormal, had two "sightings " that plagues my sainity to this day.
  While riding my stepfathers motorcycle along our "backroads ", ( without permission)  the windyville store is the only local fuel station to us living along that stretch of k hwy.,  So,  pulling up one evening to top off i noticed in the center of the crossroads a slow moving cloud or dustdevil. Yet it began to take form..  What i had madeout was an elderly lady clad in late 18th century garb... then cash n flash!!!,, i hit the road. Several months later.. same thing... so yeah... to myself... its real

Hi awhile back my wife and I drove out to Windyville late at night, more as a joke than anything because she is easily frightened and it is common knowledge in the area that its haunted I just never knew why. We turned on the road at the store and continued driving when I swore I saw a woman in white rags and white hair wander into the road. She stopped in front of the car and looked right at me. We ran right through her. I do not see things ever and told myself it was just fake. But not 30 seconds later my wife informed me she was scared because she could see a woman she described exactly the same in the back seat riding with us. Since she described the exact same being, and she never acts crazy like that, I started doing some research. I never told her what I saw but after reading a lot of stories on here about a white haired woman I will soon.

My husband and I took a trip to Windyville last summer, after reading about it. When we got there it was already dark so we didn't get to look around much. I have to say from what I saw I would like to go back. It is a creepy little town that seems to have been lost in time. We noticed one particular place that gave off a vibe. It was an old cannery. I don't no if it is anything, but there where cats everywhere. We took some pictures of it and got a few orbs. What made the pictures look even creeper was that we counted at least 30 sets of glowing cat eyes looking at us from everywhere in the building. They where on the roof, in the windows, on the stoop, and all around the outside of the building.

Since you have already been in Windyville the following should make sense. At town center is the junction of three roads: Hwy K (North-South), Hwy WW (West), CR 00-126 (East). CR 00-126 is the gravel county road that goes east from K. If the sign is still there the road isn't actually closed. The sign refers to the low water bridge at Moon Valley access on the Niangua River. Water is flowing over the bridge...why its closed? Nice parking area, and public restroom on the west side of the river. Very pretty place, and everything on the west side is safe/accessible. Worth a visit. On to the good stuff. The guys in the tape said Windyville is one of the most haunted places they've been, and they have been to quite a few places. Got my attention. Supposed to be five haunted areas in/around Windyville. Peppers Cemetery, Lone Rock Cemetery, the bridge on WW, the Windyville Store, and the old cannon factory. Two summers ago did a lot of camping & floating on the Niangua River. One of my favorite areas now. I've been all over the Windyville area. I found everything except the cannon factory. From the description in your e-mail the cannery and cannon factory are probably one in the same. Strange banging, sounds, & lights are supposed to be the types of activity that occur at the cannon factory. Windyville has Civil War era history. If you picked up a vibe on the place you described, I would say you found the "cannon factory". I would very much like to know the location. I've probably driven right by it numerous times.

I am replying to the message on the main Windyville site, To tell you the truth I am not sure what the building may have been used for. I called it the cannery because I thought I remembered seeing a sign near or on the building that said something about tomato canning. It was a dark night and I can't be sure. The building is located at the cross roads as soon as you enter town. It is across the road from the store. I went back and took a look at our pictures. When we took the pictures the front of the building was covered in ivy. There was a ivy covered white sign over the porch, we could only make out 2 letters (M A). The trim around the door and windows was green and the porch roof was rusted corrugated tin. There was also a No Trespassing sign posted on the front of the building. I don't think I mentioned in my other entry, but we also caught 2 possible orbs in one of the pictures of the front of the building. One of the orbs was one of the largest I've gotten on film before.

There are five locations in Windyville, which are reported as active on a regular basis. I've located all but the old cannon factory. One in particular is reported as "hot" on a regular basis. All of this dates from Civil War activity in the area, except for the "hot spot" I mentioned above. That's related to a large number of child deaths, in a short period of time, but still 1800's. I've been there. Small cemetery. Children's voices/laughter, presences felt, are the common reports. My friend and I are paranormal investigators in and around the Rolla area.  We've actually investigated areas all over Missouri as well as a few locations in Illinois. We went to investigate the town of Windyville.  Unfortuantely, the town is no longer abandoned.  There are several residents there now, and they all live by the "hot spots" in the town.  Still it is worth checking out.  We took our equipment out there and got some good readings.  For the record, if you are going down I-44 to find Windyville, it is the second exit in Lebanon where SR64 can be found.  You'll have to go 19 miles on West 64 before you'll reach Hwy K, which will then lead you into Windyville.  For those of you who enjoy ghost hunting, I would suggest checking this place out. W

I grew up in and around the Windyville area.  I have been deep inside Salt Peter Cave in Moon Valley, attended the School of Metaphysics, worked for the Compton's who built the Church at Lone Rock, been all up and down the Indian and Niagua rivers numerous times, so I know the area quite well.  My experiences with the town involve many stories and events but none so great and terrible as in the summer of 1992 when I was 17 years old. There is a cave system in Moon Valley and it is an odd duck.  There is an entrance below the School of Metaphysics east of town.  If you traverse through the length of the cave you will wind up in a very large room with a hole in the ceiling.  There is a small passage on the other side of the room we call "Fat Man Squeeze", and after some winding around you will come to an old collapse.  Crawl over the collapse and continue through the cavern and you will come to a smaller room with a hole in the floor and one in the ceiling.  Climb up into the room in the ceiling and you will discover a face carved out of the clay in the cave with runic symbols around it.  My friends and I were going to make a rubbing of the symbols to find out their meaning.  I did the rubbing and my friend  drew them free hand, which he was quite the artist.  After we finished our work, we were both looking at what we had done talking amongst ourselves, and the runes I was describing, he acted confused.  We compared both of our work and to our horror, they were almost completely different.  My rubbings had what looked like the name EVANS with some other symbols, and his runes were not close to english what-so-ever.  We decided to compare them to the runes still on the cave, and discovered what was on the wall was nothing like either of us had made.  We left very quickly and didn't go back for years.

      My friends and I thought it would be fun to go down to Wendyville. We managed to stop and talk to the people at the School of Metaphysics. We said our car was overheating and we needed some water. Well the people were nice but acted very odd. Well we left there and drove up to the store we were just standing there and talking well we could hear things coming in towards us from all over. We figured it was just the people from the school cause there was a national event going on that weekend. The people  from the school said that this place was bigger than anyone would ever know. They said they tried to scare people off because they wanted to be left alone. So we got in our cars and drove back towards the school cause thats how you  get on peppers road were the cemetary is located. We entered the cemetary just figuring it would be no biggie. We read the signs and the cemetary sign said it was non-endowed which we figured meant no tombstones. Cause we saw none but the sign was there and there was a fence surrounding it. I got freaked out and told them all that we should go see I was one of only two girls there everyone else was like ehhh were fine. So we thought maybe the tombstones were toward the top of the cemetary so we walked towards the back. We  got half way there and saw headlights turn on and there were also spotlights on both sides of the truck. So we all ran towards our cars there was five kids riding in one car and just two in our car. The kid that was also riding in the other car could not get in so he jumped into our car which made it 3 and 4. The truck had took off down his gravel road so we split ways. He took off after the other car. We ended up cutting through back to k hwy on Aurora road. We stopped and waited for them to go by. Well as we saw the lights come over the hill and it was very foggy it was hard to see there is a downward curve. The car with the other 4 people went straight off the road. We all freaked out and ran towards the car the truck pulled in next to our car. He was very very rude and drove off without leaving his name. Two people were wearing there seatbelts two were not. They had hit a tree and spun around after leaving the hwy. They were lucky two were completely fine one had a chipped tooth. But then we realized how serious the other girl was hurt we called 911. They had to cut and pull her out of the car it was horrible listening to her scream. She broke her pelvis in three places and her femur in two. Thank god that the kid next to her had his seatbelt on and grabbed her and pulled her towards him cause where the tree hit was where she had been sitting. The guy is not getting in trouble for any of this he just made up a story and they won't persue it. So please if any body goes out there be careful and do not run. Cause he has done this to other people also. We talked to a guy on the scene. I just don't want anything to happen to anybody else cause the kid that was with us was going to get in that car who knows what would have happened then.

My husband and I are paranormal investigators and we investigated the area where the well use to be. The well is no longer there, it has been filled in years ago. The story goes something like this.......A woman was cooking breakfast one morning when her toddler wondered out the door falling into the well......the woman then jumped into the well after her child, but the child's body was never found.  The woman has been seen wondering around the creek still searching for her child. Windyville is very active. We plan on returning to that area soon. Some stories of Windyville can be found  here 
As far as a cannon factory, I have never heard of one. There is a canning factory there though.

Hi, I live close to Windyville & have gone to church at the lone rock church. I was just looking for some haunted places and didn't know I was so close. I must say if the Cannon factory is the store on the hwy, it has been a gas station and the old pumps are still up. I am not sure if you know this or not but the School of Metaphysics is very close and ownes the large white buliding (odd shaped) in town. The scholl is the largest land holder in Dallas county. I did not know this untill my husband became president of the chamber of commerce in Buffalo. I know there must be a lot of activiy for them to be so intrested in this spot. There is a lot of strong energy around the lone rock too.

Hello, my name is Greg, and I have some friends who live on Indian Creek Rd near  Windyville. They told me they have a haunted well. They also said some investigators came out to check on it once. The story of this haunting involves a woman who jumped/fell? down this well and drowned. Sounds or voiced are reportedly heard here.

Hello, I spent allot of time in Wendyville as a child. My best friend and her mom and sister lived there right beside the store. The store that had the long porch running on the front of it. The house was still there the last time we were there. The house they lived in was very haunted. It wasn't a bad thing that was there though. I remember waking up one night & having to use the potty, and of course they had an outside commode and had a pot under the bed to pull out to use. Well ....when I awoke and had to use the inside potty there was a figure of a person at the foot of the bed and I woke my best friend up and she seemed to know him. I know the figure wasn't bad and neither of us got that feeling, but we never slept in that bedroom again. We had allot of experiences there, not just in that house but on the dirt road that we used to walk down. We ran down one of them out of fear. By the way .... The old canning plant was across the road from her house. My friend said that her mother told her that the cannon factory was at the same place the canning factory was. By the way there was always lot's of cats over there. We are going back to Windyville the last of this month to take pic's and just remember old times. She said she remembers her dad telling a story about a young women that was tall and had long black hair that lived there. She said the women had come over to the store and left her baby in the crib at home and when she went back home she came screaming back to the store with the baby in her arms and it was dead. Said the women's hair had turned solid white and that she was committed to the insane hospital. D

Hi, me and my friends found some stories on the net about this town so we decided to check it out. It was about a week before we went out there that I started to remember stuff and get weird vibes. We did some investigating and once we entered the town we got this weird feeling, well at least I did. We got out of there, it has been good, but now all of a sudden I have been getting these weird feelings again like something is going on and its like something is trying to tell me that we have to figure out something with whatever is going on. I am interested in how this site became haunted and what all the stories are so I would highly appreciate it if you would email in your stories.

I work for a local shipping company that services Windyville, and I know that when we service that area, the drivers say, "Don't be out late when you have Windyville". I have heard stories ranging from cult groups in the area, to run-of-the-mill ghost stories, to the consequences being "really harsh" for trespassing (as for the latter, the catalyst maybe being the drunken so-called "ghost hunters" visiting the town). Although I never have heard first hand of anything in particular happening to any one person first hand, the story is that the vibe in he area is just weird and creepy. No one I know that has been there wants to be there for any length of time...the story is to do your job, and get out of town.

This was originally posted on the MPR forum
One thing that might interest anyone wanting to do an investigation around Windyville. Be aware that for some reason the County Sheriff from buffalo Mo will try to run off anyone doing investigations or anything resembling an investigation around Windyville. About 2 years ago i was working for a local radio station and we had to go out to Windyville to check on some antenna readings (we were loosing signal) anyway we had the truck from the Broadcasting company I worked for (label with the company name etc) we had been set up less than 15 minutes with our monitors running when a sheriffs car pulled up behind us. We we parked off the side of the road. The deputy approached us (me and the chief engineer for the station) and asked what we were doing there. I told him we were checking on signal strength for the AM and FM radio tower located in Bolivar as well as the signal from the Lebanon Station. He asked if we had permission to do that. I told him the station managers as well as the owner of the broadcasting company were the ones that sent us out there. I showed him the initial engineering report that showed a signal drop off. He went back to his car and talked on the radio for about 5 minutes. We still had the signal monitors running so he could see what we were doing. The deputy came back and told us that we would have to leave the area or we would be charged with disturbing the peace and creating a public nuisance?  I asked him if we could finish our report it would only take about 10 more minutes. He told us we had to leave immediately or be arrested. Not wanting to cause any trouble we packed up an left. When we got back to the station we contacted the company owner and explained what happened. The following week he came up from Dallas and took the chief engineer and the station van and went out to Windyville again. To make a long story short he was arrested for disturbing the peace creating a public nuisance and resisting a lawful order. I never heard what happened after that cause I went to work for a different station. so if you go out there be advised there are some strange things going on and I don't think it has anything to do with haunting

I've lived in Buffalo, Mo. for over 50 years. I've visited Windyville numerous times. Even as a small child, I remember having bad feelings about the place. It's most definately eerie and always seems dark and overcast...even on a sunny day. The town is NOT deserted, there has always been folks living there. The Dallas Country Sheriff WILL come out and run you off if local residents think you're loitering too long. I've even been in the store when it was open. I remember the solid creaks of the wood
floors under my feet as I followed my Dad. I don't like to think of myself as a true believer of the paranormal, but a town like Windyville does give credence to the possiblity of such.  My 20 something niece and her friends from one of the local banks in Buffalo, went out one night and sat in their car for less than an hour and all but one caught sight of moving lights. They know the area and were parked where car lights and house lights wouldn't interfer with their line of vision...Yet, they saw these lights
moving about. When she told me this, I urged her STRONGLY, NOT to go back,
at least not in the evening hours.  Windyville in the day is strange...Windyville at one town who's "night-life?"  needs to be left alone.
D D.

I was reading through the stories about Windyville and i have to say there are some errors in some of the stories, yes it might as well be completely abandoned but it has a pop of about 350 people, there are a lot of paranormal things that happen out there but for the most part its just a small town about 12 miles north of buffalo, there are alot of random sightings and feelings usually related to the paranormal subject. you can usually experience these things in just about any part of Windyville. my information is from experience ,i have family and a lot of friends up there, and i don't recommend looking for this activity with children or mentally handicapped people, as a child i was scared every night because i saw many disturbing images.

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