My husband and I took a trip to Windyville last summer, after reading about it. When we got there it was already dark so we didn't get to look around much. I have to say from what I saw I would like to go back. It is a creepy little town that seems to have been lost in time. We noticed one particular place that gave off a vibe. It was an old cannery. I don't no if it is anything, but there where cats everywhere. We took some pictures of it and got a few orbs. What made the pictures look even creeper was that we counted at least 30 sets of glowing cat eyes looking at us from everywhere in the building. They where on the roof, in the windows, on the stoop, and all around the outside of the building.

Since you have already been in Windyville the following should make sense. At town center is the junction of three roads: Hwy K (North-South), Hwy WW (West), CR 00-126 (East). CR 00-126 is the gravel county road that goes east from K. If the sign is still there the road isn't actually closed. The sign refers to the low water bridge at Moon Valley access on the Niangua River. Water is flowing over the bridge...why its closed? Nice parking area, and public restroom on the west side of the river. Very pretty place, and everything on the west side is safe/accessible. Worth a visit. On to the good stuff. The guys in the tape said Windyville is one of the most haunted places they've been, and they have been to quite a few places. Got my attention. Supposed to be five haunted areas in/around Windyville. Peppers Cemetery, Lone Rock Cemetery, the bridge on WW, the Windyville Store, and the old cannon factory. Two summers ago did a lot of camping & floating on the Niangua River. One of my favorite areas now. I've been all over the Windyville area. I found everything except the cannon factory. From the description in your e-mail the cannery and cannon factory are probably one in the same. Strange banging, sounds, & lights are supposed to be the types of activity that occur at the cannon factory. Windyville has Civil War era history. If you picked up a vibe on the place you described, I would say you found the "cannon factory". I would very much like to know the location. I've probably driven right by it numerous times.

I am replying to the message on the main Windyville site, To tell you the truth I am not sure what the building may have been used for. I called it the cannery because I thought I remembered seeing a sign near or on the building that said something about tomato canning. It was a dark night and I can't be sure. The building is located at the cross roads as soon as you enter town. It is across the road from the store. I went back and took a look at our pictures. When we took the pictures the front of the building was covered in ivy. There was a ivy covered white sign over the porch, we could only make out 2 letters (M A). The trim around the door and windows was green and the porch roof was rusted corrugated tin. There was also a No Trespassing sign posted on the front of the building. I don't think I mentioned in my other entry, but we also caught 2 possible orbs in one of the pictures of the front of the building. One of the orbs was one of the largest I've gotten on film before.

There are five locations in Windyville, which are reported as active on a regular basis. I've located all but the old cannon factory. One in particular is reported as "hot" on a regular basis. All of this dates from Civil War activity in the area, except for the "hot spot" I mentioned above. That's related to a large number of child deaths, in a short period of time, but still 1800's. I've been there. Small cemetery. Children's voices/laughter, presences felt, are the common reports. My friend and I are paranormal investigators in and around the Rolla area.  We've actually investigated areas all over Missouri as well as a few locations in Illinois. We went to investigate the town of Windyville.  Unfortuantely, the town is no longer abandoned.  There are several residents there now, and they all live by the "hot spots" in the town.  Still it is worth checking out.  We took our equipment out there and got some good readings.  For the record, if you are going down I-44 to find Windyville, it is the second exit in Lebanon where SR64 can be found.  You'll have to go 19 miles on West 64 before you'll reach Hwy K, which will then lead you into Windyville.  For those of you who enjoy ghost hunting, I would suggest checking this place out. W

I grew up in and around the Windyville area.  I have been deep inside Salt Peter Cave in Moon Valley, attended the School of Metaphysics, worked for the Compton's who built the Church at Lone Rock, been all up and down the Indian and Niagua rivers numerous times, so I know the area quite well.  My experiences with the town involve many stories and events but none so great and terrible as in the summer of 1992 when I was 17 years old. There is a cave system in Moon Valley and it is an odd duck.  There is an entrance below the School of Metaphysics east of town.  If you traverse through the length of the cave you will wind up in a very large room with a hole in the ceiling.  There is a small passage on the other side of the room we call "Fat Man Squeeze", and after some winding around you will come to an old collapse.  Crawl over the collapse and continue through the cavern and you will come to a smaller room with a hole in the floor and one in the ceiling.  Climb up into the room in the ceiling and you will discover a face carved out of the clay in the cave with runic symbols around it.  My friends and I were going to make a rubbing of the symbols to find out their meaning.  I did the rubbing and my friend  drew them free hand, which he was quite the artist.  After we finished our work, we were both looking at what we had done talking amongst ourselves, and the runes I was describing, he acted confused.  We compared both of our work and to our horror, they were almost completely different.  My rubbings had what looked like the name EVANS with some other symbols, and his runes were not close to english what-so-ever.  We decided to compare them to the runes still on the cave, and discovered what was on the wall was nothing like either of us had made.  We left very quickly and didn't go back for years.

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