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                  Wilcox Road Stories

I saw your website and I saw the letter that was sent to you about Wilcox Rd. being haunted. I am 22 years old and I have heard the stories about Wilcox Rd. and the train tracks and I have also heard several other stories about it as well. For instance I have heard that one night this married couple had just laid the baby down for the night (and keep in mind the baby wasn't even a year old yet) not long after they put the baby to bed they went to bed as well. When they woke up the next morning the mother went to check on her baby and the baby was gone. All the doors and windows were locked in the house so while the mother went around looking for the baby the father went around checking all the doors and windows and nothing was broke everything was locked up just like it was when they had went to bed. They had called the police and kept on searching for the baby they also had help from the neighbors and when they had found the baby it was face down in the creek that had water in it. The creek that the baby had died in would be the one with a little concrete bridge that has no side rails on it. I have went down Wilcox Rd. a couple of times to see if I would be able to see anything at all but I was with several friends and we had never had the chance to actually see anything because the first time we tried 2 of my friends freaked out and one of them was crying really hard so we left, as for the second time I had a couple more friends freak out so we left again and every since then I haven't been able to talk anyone into going back with me to actually find anything out. T.A.P

I found your web site while surfing. I was amazed at all the stories. I'm from Broseley, Mo. Which is 11 miles east of Poplar Bluff. On Dec. 24, 1988. I went out cruising with a friend and his girlfriend. While driving up and down the strip, my friend started talking about the devil worshipers and their "churches". Which at that time was THREE devil churches!! in Poplar Bluff! I'm one who has to see. They were there alright each one had the word church in quotes, the doors were red and each of the pastors names were old English names. We heard that devil worshipers were chased out of the area by the police. So we drove down to Wilcox Road. Just before we crossed the wooden bridge, we locked the doors and rolled up the windows. We didn't find any worshipers, we did see a red light moving down the train tracks. Donnie's girlfriend told us that its the Wilcox Ghost Light. That the Wilcox family's son was killed playing on the train tracks. They found the boy's body but they never found the head! Seeing that light was unreal. I wanted a better look so sat there for a couple of minutes. Til it looked like it was moving toward us! They closer it got the more intense it became. That's when I floored the gas and left! Its still one of the weirdest things I've ever seen!

Late one evening my son, daughter and myself were talking about ghostly sighting in and around Poplar Bluff and my son mentioned Wilcox Road. We decided to jump in the car and take a drive in search of a ghost!! Upon arriving at the railroad tracks an eerie feeling came over me. I just brushed it off thinking, "its because of all the stories I had heard as a child" We didnít park on the railroad tracks, but parked just past the tracks. The night was so still and quiet, one could hear a pin drop. We got out of the car and approached the tracks and the faint smell of roses suddenly waived the air. I started looking around for a rose bush or some kind of flower that would resemble the scent. There was none. I have always heard that spirits smell of roses. I donít know if this meant anything but was an interesting evening. Something fun for the whole family!!

My husband and I checked out this place last Friday night since so many people had seen stuff here. We got there about 10 pm. We took main street to Wilcox RD and after we drove over the tracks, we got out of my truck. The place was completely dark so we had to use a flashlight. We walked towards the tracks and when we got up on them, We both heard a train. The weird thing was, this train sounded close like it was crossing the tracks where we were at. But in the total darkness, there were no train lights. My husband got down and felt the tracks and said they were perfectly still. Suddenly out of nowhere, the train noise stopped. Right then, We heard this agonizing moaning (male voice)coming from the other side of the tracks. It sounded maybe 15 or 20 feet away but it was so loud. Now, he is very hard of hearing (due to gunfire he was around in the marines.)and even he heard it. He started looking around to see where the moaning came from, but no one was in sight. He's also very skeptical about the paranormal and ghost hunting but he agrees this was beyond weird. We plan on trying this again to see if any figures or lights show up. The sounds were by far the creepiest thing I've ever experienced though.  I've heard of some hoaxs around here but this place was completely real.

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