Wentworth Military Academy Stories

I was a cadet at wentworth military academy in lexington MO last school year. I lived in east barracks. One night at about eleven o'clock pm, my friend, a cadet  and myself went down to Foxtrot Circle, near the woods on the eastern side of the campus, next to the tennis courts, when we saw an orb. When we looked closer we saw an apparition of a little boy, maybe 11 years old, hiding behind a tree. It was almost like he was playing hide and seek with us. he would peek out from behind the giant oak, and then pull his head back and hide again. when we went closer we discovered that he was not there any more. We looked back in the woods and saw an orb heading back down towards the creek. A few weeks later me and my roomate went down to foxtrot circle to smoke, and we saw two children, sort of glowing, who also seemed like they where playing hide and seek. I had heard stories of a house that used to be back in woods that burned down in the early 1860s, killing two children, and also their mother. There father was so sad that he hung himself from a tree nearby the ruins of his house.

While I was at Wentworth, a friend of mine found an old book in the library that had pictures of paranormal things around campus. one photo was taken by a family who was with their son, who was a cadet at Wentworth. the family was having a picture taken of the boy and his father outside of marine hall before it was destroyed. in the corner of the picture you can see a translucent young man in the Wentworth uniform from a long time before the picture was taken. the story regarding that boy was that in the early 1900's a boy jumped of the roof of marine hall and killed himself because he couldn't handle the hazing from the other cadets, and that his parents always left him on campus during vacations. The book said it was right after a parade, so he was still in his class A uniform.

About Wentworth military academy:
Hickman hall: (I think 95 or 96) One year every room door in Hickman hall slammed open in the whole barracks. It was in the middle of the night, and no one could explain how all the doors did that all at once. The company that lived in there at the time was Golf Company. It was made up of all the RAT (recruits at training) cadet. Newbie’s who knew nothing of the school. The only ones that had been there for a while were the cadre officers put there to train the newbie’s.

One year I was with 3 other cadets passing Hickman at night and one of the cadets I was with froze, looked in the doors of the closed locked barracks and then darted toward the other end of campus. We found him in a bush cowering. He said he saw a dark shadow in the stairwell and it stopped turned and looked at him and all he saw was red eyes on a shadow. It took us forever to calm him down.

Sanford Sellers hall: there were stories of the “Ghost TAC” a former TAC officer who would enter rooms, when cadets were sleeping to check in on them, and would also roam the 2nd floor halls to make sure all was well. He only wore a trench coat, and officers hat. No face or legs were seen.

Scholastic building: it is said that lights in the top right floor near the lab would come on all by themselves even after rounds have been made, and the building was secure, and locked. When it was investigated, there was nothing there, and the lights would be off. Also footsteps would be heard in the night when rounds were being made to make sure the building was secure. If you were on the bottom floor, you could hear footsteps on the second floor. The library there was home to a civil war officer who would protect it.

Practice parade field: said to have a single figure of a solider who would appear in the middle of the parade field, and then turn and walk into the woods behind the field house and disappear. 

Soccer field behind East barracks: there have always been reports of a band company seen there in the middle of the night, and if you saw it, you could hear cadence being played softly. The band would be in there barracks asleep every time this happened. And the instruments were all locked up the band room.

Groendyke Hall: the basement had a cadet dressed in spats, and was said to walk up and down the old JROTC hall without making noises. I was at the top of the building one night when 3 cadets came bolting up the stairs pale, and scared. They all spoke at once, and told me that they saw a “old style” cadet walking toward them, and they could see right through him.

I'm currently a cadet at Wentworth and I've seen many hauntings. one was when me and a few friends checked out one night we decided to go over to Hickman hall since we've heard all these stories. well the main door was locked so we went around to some of the windows, we saw on the  3rd floor a person and when i pointed them out, they seemed to move behind the window to where we couldn't see them. another one was when i was B.O. a "messenger person" for staff, i had to go to east barracks one night. i went down there, and i was walking where marine hall was, and i thought i heard footsteps so i looked and there wasn't anyone there. as i was almost to the scholastic building when i stopped, and i saw a shadow in front of me, that looked like the kid was in his dress blues.

Ghost tac ... it's like the old guy on the Metallica enter sandman video.  He doesn't have any legs and wears a black raincoat with a officer cap.  I was 12 in room 30 Marine Hall.  It was 3:30 in the morning of my first month there, and I was going to the latrine.  Opened the door and he was standing there.  I said "holy ---- sir, you scared the hell out of me."  That's when I noticed that he didn't have any legs.  I watched as my fingers went through where they should've been.  At this point I'm not going to the RAT latrine in the basement.  Used the officers latrine on the floor.  Door was propped open didn't see anything pass.  Ran back to my room, and that was the first night I spent the night under my blanket.  Theres a little boy at the helicopter who was a 7th grader that hung himself in room 6 Marine Hall in 1982.  He has red hair and I've seen him.  He was the last cadet to commit suicide. He was in jr. college when he hung himself in the Scholastic Building in the 70's possibly 1978.  I've seen and heard him.  The lights always come on by themselves in there.  The barracks at the end of campus are East Barracks and have been called Junior Barracks in the past.  I've watched radios come on and turn off by themselves.  I've seen the radio turn off by itself after I said, "knock it off."  Did have doors open down there too, and of course the footsteps.  I hate Hickman Hall, this is where the bell tower is.  At night there's always someone standing in a window.  It's right next to the football field where I saw a confederate soldier come through the gate on the football field march right past us and disappear in the middle of the street.  He didn't have a face, but did have grey clothing and saber.  Looked like he had a fencing mask on.  It's rumored that the football field next to Hickman is where the confederate soldiers from the Battle of Lexington were buried.  I've had the latrine door in staff hall open up for me and chairs move themselves too.  All in all I haven't felt like it was going to hurt me except Hickman.  I attended the academy for seven years, and have had experiences in every building on campus. DT

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