Ghosts & Haunts In Missouri
       Haunted Locations In Waynesville

Cedar Hill Cemetery, located 5 miles SE of Waynesville. Strange lights have been photographed it this cemetery. The cemetery is not shown on the included map, but its located on the un-named road 1" to the right of the letter (D) in the words
(Fort Leonard Wood)

Haunted Cemetery, from the neighboring town of Devils Elbow 6 miles to the
east, the cemetery is located 2 miles south of Devils Elbow between lost Hill and the rail road tracks. Its down the gravel road by the Devils Elbow Bar.
The grave site of Eliza Jane Thomas is reported to be haunted.
Letters from visitors to this site.
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Home Place Bed & Breakfast, located at 302 South Benton Street. 573-774-6637
This  3 guest room B&B rests on the site of an old Civil War hospital and is haunted by the soldiers that died there.
Stories from visitors to this site.

Phantom rider, There is a story about the ghosts of Charles Potter & Elder Maupins, both members of Maupin's Raiders back in 1865 at the end of the Civil War. The area around a church is said to be haunted, the church is said to be located two miles west of Roubbidoux Creek in Pulaski County or the Sandsprings area. I am looking for more stories about this haunting and its location.

Haunted Road, located just north of Waynesville off of 17 called Shockley Road which is now called Lexington Road.


Mayfield Cemetery, from Waynesville, take I-44 eastbound towards Rolla.  Get off on exit 169 to MO Highway J and take a right.  Go exactly 4.5 miles down MO-J until you see a gravel road on the right.  Be careful, the road will sneak up on you because it is around a curve and on top of a small hill.  There is a sign on the road that says Mayfield Cemetery, so that will tell you that you have found the correct road.  Follow this road until you reach a dead end where you have to go left or right.  Take the road to the left and follow it all the way to the end.  On the way down there, you may see another sign made of metal that says Mayfield Cemetery, just continue following the road you are on and you will find the cemetery.  This page contains
stories from visitors to this site.

Fort Leonard Wood, we have reports of several hauntings at this location.
This page contains stories from
visitors to this site.

Rigsby House/Standard Station
Located at 103 North Benton St.
GPS 37.828855,-92.20177
This site Has new shops in its place.
We have received one letter stating that this site was haunted by the ghost of a little girl, but details are lacking.

I would like to hear from anyone with more information regarding any of these
sites near Waynesville. Please
e-mail us with any stories, photos or historical
information you can provide.

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