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      Washington Park Cemetery Stories

Washington Cemetery, located at Natural Bridge Road and Brown Road.
I have heard stories of paranormal activity being documented at this site.
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I would like to hear from anyone who has visited any of these haunted locations.
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An update on the cemetery by the  St Louis Airport.... The cemetery is called Washington Park Cemetery, and is a historical site. We went there Sunday night
(10-12-03) and in the wooded sections found fresh graves and severe temperature droppings in excess of 15 degrees F. You can't do any audio recordings there due
to how close it is to the highway, but there are headstones over 6' tall, and over 1 ton in weight that appears to have been tossed off the top of a grave. We are currently waiting to get our photos developed from our trip there, but I am already planning another trip there soon.


About twenty years ago, before it was abandoned, the lady caretaker didn't  take care of the property. She let the grass get badly overgrown. Kids would come in and knock tombstones down, dig up graves, and make a big mess of the cemetery and this went on for years. The spirits of the cemetery started haunting the caretaker because of her negligence. She disappeared after a while and no one knew what happened to her until they went inside the house that is on the cemetery property and found her hung in the attic with a suicide note saying that the spirits were haunting her and she couldn't take it anymore. Later, the airport took some of the cemetery for their needs. In the process they dug up a few graves without transferring the bodies and stones. The cemetery cannot rest. If you go there late at night you will feel the spirits and if you go there during the day you will be messed with by the cops. A couple friends of mine took these pictures the other day and staying until evening. They found some weird activities as they were walking along the wooded area taking pictures with the flash. (
Photo 1) Notice the swirl of light above the stone (Photo 2) and this one shows that there was nothing there. They went a few yards down and caught another one with the same kind of light above it (Photo 3) and then it's gone! (Photo 4). As they were leaving, they caught another shot with a blue mist coming out of the grave around the stone. As they were leaving they turned on the headlights and headed towards the gate where a cop was waiting for them. So they pulled them over and the cops called the mayor and gave us a warning, we just want to give people fair warning.

I saw your post about this cemetery. I am a native St. Louisan and I have head rumors about this place before. I also have relatives who are buried there as well. I looked up some articles in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch newspaper. From the period of 1987-2000 I lived out of St.Louis. It seemed that back about Jan 1990, a body was to be buried in the cemetery. In late July the widow went to see if the headstone was in place . The headstone was not there. The body was not buried. The widow made formal complaints to the county and to the Missouri Attny General office. This was combined with about 75 other complaints.
The complaints were about :
Unkempt graves.
Bodies being "dumped" and the caskets being sold for scrap.
Shoddy management.
Missing head stones.
Bodies in wrong graves.

The owner of the cemetery, Ms. Virginia L. Younger became overwhelmed with complaints. On Aug 22, 1990 she was hit with the first on many civil suits. many of these were for "severe emotional distress".Then the grand jury looked into her cemetery. On Jan 6, 19991 the MO attny general announced that it would take state legal action. This must have been the final straw, because on or about Jan 29, 1991, Ms, Younger committed suicide in her home in Normandy MO. Not at the cemetery. She had shot her self thru the heart on her bed . The lawsuits and attune general investigation had worn her down. Also she had not paid any of her workers and they had filed union complaints against her. The news papers also stated that all of the utilities her home had been cut off.
She was broke.

She requested that her remains be cremated because "she did not want people looking down on me". Her death did not end the suits, they went against the estate.
St. Louis, MO

PS: Later with the airport expansion and light rail, things got even worse!

Grim Reaper photo. The following photos were captured by Mandi M. The first Photo is the original version, and the second Photo is the same picture with additional contrast added. Thanks for the pictures Mandi!

This place is definitely creepy! I go there all of the time with friends, and have never been harassed by the cops (but you never know). Inside the half-burned mausoleum, there are quite a few tombstones just laying around and lots of old records and check stubs dating back to the 1920s. I have been upstairs, but I DO NOT recommend it! It is VERY dangerous. I really don't know what I was thinking. Also, don't go in the room at the very front of the building, because the floor is rotted out. It is extremely creepy in there. A week ago, a friend and I decided to walk through the woods there and heard chain-like noises in the bushes. We ran before we investigated (lol). Oh, and there is a tunnel in the park that goes under the highway that is what I am pretty sure the site where they unearthed some bodies. The fence is broken and it is accessible, as long as it's dry, or you are prepared for mud and water, as I was not at the time. It is definitely on my list, because I bet that is haunted as well. Here are some links to pics I have taken there. I don't believe I have caught anything abnormal, but I have felt and heard it for sure! Maybe you will see something in the pictures that I didn't, because I am no expert. Feel free to use any of the
Pictures for your site.
Facebook Photos
Washington Park Photos
Mandi M

How True These Visions Can be, and I Believe, because I have Two Love Ones Buried in Washington Park Cemetery, as of March and April of 2011, my sister and I Witness a Horrific View and Spiritual cry out from the dead for help to have a peaceful resting place, as my sister and myself dug through the long weeds and so many head stones turned over where the bull dozers have tried to cut down some of the tall weeds and drove over the head stones, about forty or more tires dump in the grave site, the chapel building was condemned with bags of trash and etc, lined around the torn down chapel on the side, we became frantic because we couldnít find our love ones grave less along the head stones, we started taking pictures because the view was so horrific for our eyes to take and with that cry out scream from the wind, which no wind was blowing, sent chills through us, we looked up at each other and moved from that area, and that glance of the eye seeing what appeared to be human bones, my sister jumped and both of us were about to run and not look back, but because I almost broke down with pain, and tired from moving through the tall weeds and helping trying to lift head stones up to see if itís our love ones, so we got a grip on ourselves and my sister helped me down to the van, and she went back up to take more pictures of different horrific views of different areas, all this is to say that Iím going to go back and look at the pictures closely to see if there are some images of the dead, but even if these isn't, the experience of the cry out from the dead, and the surroundings, that was the worst experience that I ever had happen to us.†

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