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Lees Cemetery.
GPS 36.941837,-93.791508
Located just south of Verona, take Farm Road 1150 south just past US60, the cemetery will be on a short road to your right.
Stories of a phantom truck have been reported chasing after people from this cemetery; orbs and apparitions have been seen and sounds heard inside
the graveyard.

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Below are  letters from a visitors to this site.

I have also been to Lee Cemetery in Verona around 5 or 6 times.  On one of the occasions we went out and pulled up to the gate to go in.  As we stepped out of the car we were overwhelmed with the smell of dead animals, not just one animal, but many animals.  This was just after I had heard that there are a people who do animal sacrifices in the back of the cemetery.  Needless to say we did not go in that night.  The other times I ahve not yet seen anything paranormal, but will continue to check it out. MM

I recently visited Lee's Cemetery in Verona, MO. I have been there about 5 or 6 times. This last time was ok but it really depends sometimes you can feel it a lot stronger than other times. The last time I went there a 3/4 moon you think it would be fairly easy to see but there was no light shining into the cemetery at all. There were a few times that I felt really dizzy and disoriented when I was in the center of the cemetery near a large tree. It was weird because I could walk away from that area and feel ok but when I went back to that spot I again got dizzy. I've never actually seen anything there besides what me and a friend determined could have been an animal. Its eyes were about level with a gravestone that was 2 feet high. They were orange eyes. Well it was so cold that night that there was frost on the ground so when you walked it was crunchy sounding. Well we followed the thing into the center of the cemetery because it ran but you couldn't hear it running over the frost it seemed like it flew up into the tree in the center of the cemetery but we shined our lights everywhere and the thing was gone. I was just wondering if anyone had any experiences at this place and any history about what happened there. W

Me and a few friends visited this cemetery in Sullivan a while back and it was really strange. I don't remember the name of it though. We walked around the cemetery but didn't get any weird vibe but there is a boarded up church ( I don't have any clue why it is boarded up like it is possibly vandalism maybe?) Well we walked the perimeter of the church and all of us were getting a super strong bad vibe. Whatever it was it was like it did not want you trying to get inside the church. There is definitely something weird going on in there it is worth checking out. W

Hello my name is DK from Aurora MO. I noticed a mentioning on your page about Lee's Cemetery in Verona Missouri. I wanted to email you information about the supposed hautings of that area. I say supposed for a general reason. That is my family cemetery, I do believe in hautings, but I do think its more on a smaller scale. If my relatives are haunting the area its possible, but they will not appear to any blood relatives that venture within that area. I have been out there many times trying to experience any haunting, I have strong faith in my family and would welcome a ghost of any my relatives. Thing is, I have never seen anything, but unlike any cemetery I have been in, I only feel comfortable within those grounds unlike any other places of burial where I feel cold. So if there are any hauntings, relatives apparently will not notice anything unlike strangers or seekers not blood related. I was up looking through ghost sites and was wondering from all the stories I have herd of my family's plot that is there, Weldys, Kings, Nalyors, Lees, thank you.

Me and a couple of my friends were curious to what went on there, I heard stories about devil worshiping, and deaths near there. I†went out there, with the car lights left on. I walked out to the end of the cemetery, and my head lights started flickering. I freaked out and ran to the car, and my car wouldn't start. I was freakin out. it finally started, but my radio kept changing stations, and I couldn't turn it off. Anywayse, I was starting to leave, and right across the way near the old burned down church, I saw headlights, and a truck started to chase me. It ran me into Aurora, where I pulled off into a neighborhood, parked, because I was gonna see what the idiots problem was. The truck didn't slow down and just when I thought it was†gonna hit me. It passed right through me and disappeared. I was terrified, but I think I will be going out there again.

My name is damon , my brother and I are the founders of Aurora Missouri Paranormal Society,  We have visited the cemetery recent and plan to go tonight . We have caught a few orbs and I had the pleasure or seeing a shadow run in front of the car, It seemed like something ran in front of the headlights and broke the plan of the light and slightly reflected it like some one walking in front of the car and really close to the head lights. but there was of course no physical person there, please visit our space for our pictures and if you have a myspace space lets link pages.

About a year ago me and my mother and daughter went looking for some of our ancestors graves to document that they were really were we thought they were. We found Lee†Cemetery about 10 pm and decided it was last on our list so we better go look on our way home. We got there and my son was a sleep in the car so my mom went to the far North side to look for the grave and we had the car lights pointing that direction and she had a flashlight the whole time she was out there, like 10 minutes I heard what sounded like someone towards the West quite a way off hammering on wood, 3 bangs and nothing and a minute later it would do it again. Anyway she came back and we were talking about what she saw and she didn't hear the sound I heard until she got back to the car and this time it sounded like it was at the West back fence line but I went out to take my turn to look for the grave and found it about 70 Ft from the car straight back from the gate towards the tree with all the markers laying around it. At this time my daughter and mom decided to take a few pictures and as you can see there is some sort of white fog wrapping around by my daughter that was not there at the time the picture was taken and in the other two pictures† a face seems to appear of an old man on the face of the grave at the top. So we have our pictures, and we decided to go to the car and you could now here the hammering sound back by the tree with the markers on it. We got to the car and we stood there for a few minutes to listen and we heard it again, by the grave we were just at, and then again what sounded like it was about 20 ft in front of the car and we decided to get in the car at that time and leave, a little uneasy. Photo A Photo B Photo C

I was at Lees Cemetery, I lived in Verona for a few years and we would go all the time. In one of the stories, that was on your page happened to me and my friends about what we thought was a animal or something. We went in to the cemetery, we thought we saw it in a tree so we put our lights on it and nothing! And another thing that was pretty scary, we had a video camera with us one time when we were in there. I will never forget that night, is was Halloween of 2005 and right when we went in the cemetery we started filming. From the get go nothing happened that night, so we thought we would go home, and maybe see some orbs or something in the footage. There were three grave stones on FIRE! There was some scary audio on a voice recorder we brought with us. We put it on a grave and just walked around for a little while, you know, just scaring our selfs and we all finally got scared and ran back to the recorder about 20 min later and listened to the recording. It just went strait into screaming, and none of us screamed until 20 min into the recording, that kinda freaked us out, so we left for the night. We also have seen black figures standing in the back that looked like people, 4 of them, we started to walk back there when we heard a really loud, high pitched scream that came from the black figures in the back, we were to scared to stick around and find out, so we left.

This was at least two years back. Me, a friend, and a girl I was dating at the time were backroading around that area one night.† We had pulled into the drive area at Lees cemetery. I don't remember the hour but it was early morning since my buddy and I had just gotten off work around 11:30 that night. We were at the trunk of the car getting another drink out of the cooler when we heard what sounded like footsteps in the gravel walking toward us from the west. We stood still and listened as they seemed to walk past us and faded away. It was a well moonlit night and u could see in all directions with no problem. Regardless, we didn't hang around.† There have been a few times when I have driven past there at a late hour and just get this strange feeling, like I wasn't alone.† I have even turned on my domelite and checked the backseat. Could just be nerves.

hello, I grew up in the area and used to go out there a lot sometimes things would happen and other times nothing would Iíve been chased by a big dark colored truck. And Iíve seen shadow figures in the road in front of the cemetery and heard church music in the cemetery and Iíve had a bunch of bad feelings out there. And Iíve had friends say theyíve seen a woman wearing white walking by the cemetery coming from where the church used to be across the road. And weíve seen lights floating in front of the gate late at night itís always cold in there especially towards the back.

The next letter didn't specify the exact location, it might not be referring to Verona.
I have heard that Lee Church is gone.† When I was a kid growing up in the 80's it was boarded up.† The story is that satanists would go in for rituals and the cross was turned upside down.† Even driving by in fall with no leaves on the trees it would still pop out at you.

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