Ghosts & Haunts In Missouri
        Haunted Locations In Van Buren

Rose Cliff Hotel. This hotel was destroyed by fire and is reported to be haunted,
my best information places the site in south Van Buren which is over the bridge
on US 60 on the south side of the Current River. My best guess is that this
place is located on Front Street.

Below are letters from visitors to this site.

The Rose Cliff hotel has been gone since 95 I believe, may have been as early as 93. The site where the hotel sat is now hwy 60. Rose Cliff sat on a small hill right before you went across the bridge into town. I am not sure how long it had been closed, I have lived here since 76 and it had been closed a long time then. We all heard it was haunted, but since the floors were all rotted no one that I know of ever went inside. When someone tried to remodel it there was an electrical fire, all that was left was the basement. When they put in the new highway they tore down or blew up that area.

I don't have any Ghost Stories.  But there is a Cemetery down by Pin Oak (or Waymaer in Van Buren) that is supposedly haunted. 
I have not been able to locate this cemetery with the names you have provided.

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