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Haunted railroad tunnel, from Truxton go east on State Route A for 2.3 miles then turn south or right on Tunnel Road for another 1.3 miles it will dead end at the location of the tunnel. The railroad tracks are no longer in place above this tunnel.
The tunnel is thought to be haunted by the ghost of a man hit by a passing train and throwen down to the tunnel entrance. In the map below the actual site location is at the end of Tunnel Road. Here are
photos sent in by a visitor to this site.

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Below are letters from visitors to this site.

I was introduced to this tunnel by a friend who lives in Troy....Now, I know there have been a hundred different stories about why this tunnel is haunted, but one of the stories that I heard was that a young woman was raped and murdered in the tunnel....onward, we were down there one night, we left the headlights on so we could see, and the way the tunnel is angled towards the road your headlights create three shadows of everything, mainly us.we were there mabye ten minuites when I saw my friends back shadow grab his main shadow from behind, now I didnt say anything because I didnt want him to freak out, which would make me freak out, so I kept my mouth shut and we left, on the way out my friend--who gets wierd feelings and on occasions, has terrifying visions--blacked out and started crying, when I asked what that was all about, he said he looked into his rearview mirror and saw a girl, bound at the wrists and ankles, and gagged. Then when he looked at himself in the mirror, he saw a man he did not recognize, it was then he realized he was having a vision through the killers eyes....that place is no joke.
believe it if you want to, this really happened.

I am familiar with this place and have been there a few times, the first time I went there was with two friends. First of all the story of the haunting Ive heard was that it was a little girl who was  murdered there and Ive also heard a man hung himself there later after it was abandoned. nonetheless it's a strange place, when I first visited the tunnel we pulled inside and shut off the truck to listen (supposedly you can hear the little girl screaming or something like that). Well, nothing really happened until I tried to start the truck to leave and it wouldn't turn over. This had my friends and I more than concerned, but it's an old truck with a lot of
miles. Our cell phones wouldn't work out there so we sat for awhile and it finally started after waiting about ten minutes. The truck then started and we didn't have any other problems. On a side note, there is a house right before the tunnel and the people who live there like to mess with the kids who go out there. They have these trees in there front yard that have all these knitted birds and things hanging from them, but one night upon leaving the tunnel the birds were no longer there and there were naked dolls hanging there instead. Kind of creepy but I'm sure the people just get a kick out of trying to scare people.

I had heard the rumors of this old abandoned house in Truxton being haunted, supposedly by the ghost of a woman who killed herself in back in the 60's.  I think it's fun to check these places out but I don't usually put a whole lot into it.  I stopped by this house on the way back from a road trip during the day just to check it out.  Let me tell you, during the day it was creepy!  I didn't hear the rumored screams of the woman who died in the house but I did hear shuffling feet and was constantly looking over my shoulder to see if the owner's of the property were walking up.  I took a bunch of pictures and when I got home, notices a shadowy figure in one picture of a window.  All the glass is gone from the windows so it isn't a reflection.  Then I got on the internet to read about the house...turns out its common to hear the shuffle of feet, banging in the basement, AND see a shadowy figure in in the top left window! Ah! I got goosebumps the second I read it.  WARNING: I suspect the owner's of the house, who live down the road in another home, have surveillance set up as I was blocked in the driveway by them and questioned about being at the house.  Be careful if you're going to go check it out.  At least claim to be turning around or something.   p.s. I have attached some of the pictures, including the one with the shadow in the window.  Let me know if you see it too or if I'm just crazy.
Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo

Hello , I have experienced things in this tunnel I went there a few months ago with my son and his girl friend. It was late at night and I was taking pictures and I kept hearing something right beside me then it would be down the tunnel and when I would shine my flash light there would be nothing there. I thought maybe it was some sort of animal, but it was getting closer and closer and the pics, one had a mist but when I went to look at them on my computer they weren't there.
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