Ghosts & Haunts In Missouri
            Thornhill Mansion Stories

Today, I visited the Thornhill Mansion, home of Governor Bates.  I was alone and the park was virtually empty.  I had just arrived out in front of the house I stopped right in front of the porch, turned away to get my camera, and out of nowhere, I heard 4 or 5 distinct taps. It sounded like tapping on a window.  I am a person who is not easily freaked out by things of this sort, but I definitely gave any approach to the home a second thought.  I had to know what this noise was to give me a piece of mind.  I observed AH things around the home that may be able to make any noise.  I tapped the shudders on one of the windows, and that was not what I heard, so then I  tapped my fingers on the glass of one of the windows, and sure enough, that  was similar to the sound I heard.  Again, no one was in that house, no one  was around it.  I had been to the home before as a child, at that time I was on a tour where I could actually go inside the house, but I got no funny feelings then.  I have a knack for feeling strange presences, and this had my heart racing.  I had no idea that this location had strange happenings until I came home after this experience and checked this website.

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