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Ramada Inn Six Flags, 4901 Allenton Road,  636-938-6661. In Allenton, from Hwy 44 exit onto Allenton Road, also called 109 and go north-it's just a few hundred feet down the road on the left hand side (just past E 5th Street); it's next to Six Flags. This motel was built over the site of another building that dates back to the 1800's. During construction of the hotel, when attempts were made to demolish the stone chimney, every time the construction workers tried something terrible would happen. After many attempts the workers gave up and refused to try, so the hotel was built with the old chimney left standing outside on the same site.  Orbs have been photographed here, and the ghost of a little girl also haunts the second floor of the main building along the back hallway, in the part of the building made of stone that came from the demolished stone home.The little girl's ghost is named Aggie and you can see her painting
in the hallway that is haunted. 
Story from an employee.
Our group has investigated this site. Read the field investigation page for details.

Six Flags Over Mid-America.
GPS 38.5142,-90.675488
We have conducted multiple overnight field investigations at Six Flags and can confirm its haunted. You will find all the photographic, video and EVP evidence collected in our
Six Flags
Investigation page. Here are Stories from visitors to this site.

The Big Chief Dakota Grill, located at 17352 Manchester Road in Wildwood near Pond MO. 63038 Phone 636-458-4383.
GPS 38.581232,-90.660641
This in on old Manchester road which runs just south of Manchester rd. The staff reports they get weird "vibes" from the second story dining room. These impressions are shared by customers who don't like to eat up there once they've tried it the first time.
Stories from visitors to this location.


ZuZu's Petals Restaurant, located at 131 West Argonne in Kirkwood, MO. 63122.
Employees have reported eerie vibes at this former funeral parlor.They have witnessed the bathroom door in the hallway leading to the old carriage house (now a bar) open and slam shut 3 times by itself when the chef was closing. Once, while the assistant manager was standing behind the bar and telling stories about the ghosts of Zuzu's Petals, a ceiling tile fell right over his head two seconds after he moved from the spot where he was standing. A waiter has seen a coffee pot resting securely on a shelf practically fly off and hit the adjacent wall. Once on a quiet evening in the restaurant when there were no male employees in the building,  a man's voice called a female employee's name from a private room hidden by curtains (curtains which often move as if in a breeze when there is none). They have also experienced lights turning on and off, and the volume on the radios mysteriously turning up and down without assistance, video cameras revealing a shadow in an empty room.
Business website

Haunted cemetery, located just south off Manchester Road (behind Paul A Schroeder Park) where Sulphur Springs Road and Old Sulphur Springs Road meet.
At this location I have been told that a ghost has been seen in view of
multiple witnesses.


If you have experienced paranormal activity at any of these haunted sites, please
e-mail us with your photos or stories to add to the database.

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