Ghosts & Haunts In Missouri
       Haunted Locations In St. Louis South Of Hwy 64
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St. Louis City Hospital, located at 1515 Lafayette Ave with the cross streets
of South 14Th Street to the east and Grattan Street to the west.
This hospital was built in 1906 and closed down in 1985. There are many
reports of paranormal activity at this abandoned hospital. The paranormal investigators that  I have talked to who have been inside these buildings
state that this location is
too dangerous to visit and recommend never going inside.
Photos &
letters from visitors to this site.

Gehm House, located on the 300 block of Plant Ave with the cross street
of Big Bend Blvd to the south and Portland to the north. This is a private
residence not open to the public. This 2 story brick & wood home has a
ghost that has been heard running up and down the stairway, and
apparitions have been seen inside this home.
Letters from visitors to this site.

Max Feuerbacher Mansion also called the Lion House because of the stone lions in front of it. Located on Sidney Street  around 12th Street. The ghost of a man has been seen, objects moved, cold spots felt, and sounds heard.

One Campbell Plaza at 5900 Arsenal. The cross streets are South 59th Street and Dalton Ave. In the 1870's this was a poor house.  It later became the City Infirmary, then the Chronic Hospital. The ghost of a little girl in white has been seen, also a white whispy mist has been reported to float across the floors. People have reported  tingling sensations on their skin.

5500 Block Flyer Ave, the homes here are built over Old Potter's Field, a municipal graveyard for unclaimed bodies in 1855. The ghost of an old lady can walk through doors of a bungalow on this block.

Edgewood Childrens Center (in Webster Groves), at 330 North Gore Street between North Rock Hill Road and West Kirkham Ave. The ghosts of children are thought to play here in the early evening hours a game of tag under an old cottonwood tree, and footsteps are heard from the building called the rock house on the school grounds. Two children died in an underground tunnel that runs from the basement of the rock house; the opening was closed up after they got lost in it.

Letters from visitors to Edgewood.

Benton Park,  at the corners of Arsenal and South Jefferson. Under Benton Park is English Cave, it's said that two Indians were sealed in here and are said to be heard speaking in their native tongue. The cave is now closed off, it extended to the
Lemp Brewery.

Lafayette Park, located between Missouri Ave and Mississippi Ave. On the south side of this park along Lafayette Ave the ghosts of Civil  War soldiers have been seen in the park.

If you have experienced paranormal activity at any of these haunted sites, please
e-mail us with your photos or stories to add to the database.

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