Loretto Hilton Theater (in Webster Groves) at Webster University; 470 East Lockwood Ave. 314-968-6929. This theater is haunted by a ghost who is said to have saved a man's life by pulling him back after he had started to fall from the overhead catwalk.  He also likes to play with the electrical equipment.  Also the ghosts of a gardener, and that of a man who fell to his death during the construction of the school are said to haunt this site.
Maria Hall is also reported to be haunted by the ghost of a Nun on the first floor.
    Visitors Stories

Lehmann House Bed & Breakfast at 10 Benton Place 314-231-6724. Cross streets are Park, Mackay and Mississippi streets. The bedroom over the dining room is very active (Edward Rowse died in this room, where he has been seen and footsteps heard) and crashing noises from  the third floor have been heard. Our group has investigated this site. Visit our field investigation page.

Lemp Mansion bed & breakfast and restaurant, 3322 De Menil Place with the cross streets around it being HWY 55,Utah, Cherokee and South 18th.  Many Lemp family members commited suicide here, ghosts have been seen and heard and objects moved; on one Halloween special filmed here, the Image on the television set rotated 360 degrees while everyone watched from the bar inside.          Visitors Stories          Visit our field investigation pages for this site.


Our Lady Of Sorrows School, 5831 South Kingshighway Blvd 314-353-1451. This school was opened in 1952, its reported to be haunted by someone who died in a fire. Footsteps are heard, and doors open and close by themselves, also objects are reported to have been moved.   Visitors Stories

Roosevelt High School -- 3230 Hartford Street, 314-776-6040. The cross streets are South Compton Ave. and Louisiana Ave.  This school was built over a cemetery, and although the coffins were removed, it is known that not all of the bodies were removed from the site, with human bones found on the football field.  In August 1977 a fire in the hallway outside the lunchroom killed 4 firefighters.   In the classrooms and halls, voices have been heard, while on the fourth floor lights are known to turn on and off by themselves.

St. Louis Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center --5300 Arsenal Street, 314-644-8001. The cross streets are Brannon Ave. and Macklind Ave. There are stories of screams heard at night and sightings of apparitions by the guards, but we have been contacted by visitors very familiar with this site who report no paranormal activity of any kind taking place here. They do however confirm the stories at the One Campbell Plaza location.

Haunted Apartments in the 4900 Block of Arsenal Street.
Approximate GPS Location 38.605275,-90.27146
Below is the first letter regarding this site.

Hello, I am on Arsenal Street. We have been experiencing apparitions cold spots and that general creepy feeling. Then today, as if by chance a man knocks on our door concerning the water next door. He says that they meant to turn off the water next door at the "haunted" house. From what I have been hearing they are unable to rent out those apartments. I admit having that eerie feeling walking up to those doors. My question is have there been any reports or murders or any thing close to us? I have looked every where online and have come up empty handed. My boyfriends children stay with us often and do not like putting them in danger for they have also heard the creepy sounds. Please and thank you.

Missouri Avenue haunted house, or houses.
No address is available, or information as to if this is occurring at a single residence, group of homes or throughout the area.
The GPS provides only the Northern and Southern ends of the street.
The letter below is our first reference to this street being haunted.

I've heard moans in broad daylight in the attic and things fly across the room by themselves.  My husband had seen an old lady in the mirror and a little girl walking around. A lamp has blown itself out (kerosene lamps have to be blown out from ABOVE the flame) by itself.  My full cup of water with ice in it had.....well,  evaporated. I had a full cup of water with ice in it, and walked away for a few seconds. Now, as you know, there'll be a condensation ring if you pick it up. My water and the ice VANISHED,  and no one was around,  nor did it leak out. One night,  while trying to sleep,  it was as though a camera flash kept going off whenever I'd closed my eyes. After an hour,  it stopped.  If you let the basement door on the outside of the house slam down,  things will fly at you.

Gratiot Street Prison
This site no longer exists, it was located where Purina's parking lot is currently located off of Gratiot Street.
GPS 38.620603,-90.198626
Before the building was torn down there were many stories about the site being haunted.

If you have experienced paranormal activity at any of these haunted sites, please
e-mail us with your photos or stories to add to the database.

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