Ghosts & Haunts In Missouri
   Haunted Locations In St. Genevieve

Louis Bolduc House 123 South Main Street Ste. Genevieve, MO.
GPS 37.978755,-90.042993
This historic site was built in 1792 by Louis Bolduc, owner of the Lead Mines.
Stories from visitors to this site.

Guibourd Valle House, located downtown on North 4th Street, at the cross streets of Jefferson Street and Merchant Street. Built in the 1780's the ghost of a man dressed in 1800's clothing and viewed only from the waist up has been seen in the second floor bedroom, and heard making crashing sounds and moving objects about. Also footsteps are reported to be heard in the kitchen. Open to the public 10am-5pm for a (fee); 573-883-7544.

Memorial Cemetery, runs the lengths of the 500 to 800 blocks of Jefferson Street. The cross streets are North 5th Street and North 8th Street. This very old cemetery is in run down condition and  was closed down after reports of placing bodies too close together. There are legends and stories of this graveyard now being haunted.

The Delassus-Kern House. This is our first letter about this site being haunted.

Main Street Inn Bed & Breakfast, located at 221 North Main Street between Washington Street and Ziegler Street.
GPS 37.982481,-90.043508
Stories from visitors to this site.

This letter is from a visitor to this site.

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