Ghosts & Haunts In Missouri
                                                                   Steelville Stories

There is a Old School House in Steelville Mo. called the "Old Midland School House" around 1834 on the old Sankin road; This was the First one was builded and held school there, It was One room. The story I was told a little Girl died there when they were having School. Later another School was rebuiled just steps away from  were the old one was. It is still very old and been redone to live in the room was potision off to 5 rooms.  Yes it is Haunted.  Let me tell you a story, about what happened 1967.  I  came home from Church, and as I was getting out of the Church bus when I saw a dark figure of a man in the window. (remember the house is by the road.) standing be hind the old wood stove (that we used for heat). I thought it was my dad, I went around to the door and it  slammed shut real hard. I thought dad was mad, so I got a little scared and went around to the kitchen door and was gettin ready to go in and it slammed shut real hard. I really got scared and ran to the neigbors house, (who were an elderly couple.) to call my Brother, I told him  that dad would not let us in and I was scared. I thought he hurt are mother or something. But my brother said no and he was explaining to me that dad and mom was there. No one was home.  I stayed hidden  across the road till they got there. I  will never forget that he looked so real. And there was other times when we saw lights comming up the hill and noises,  If you are ever around Steelville MO go look at it's about 2 miles out of town on the Old Sankin Road up the hill from the Old  Hard Wood Charcoal Place. I lived there for 10 years, that was over 35 years ago.. It has New owners now. But  still go by there to see it when I go back to visit my dad.
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