Ghosts & Haunts In Missouri
         Haunted Locations in St. Charles

501 South Main Street, located between Pike and Tompkins Street. The Winery Of The Little Hills Restaurant,  636-946-9339. The ghosts of a man and woman have been seen here.

517 South Main Street, located between Pike and Tompkins Street. Here the ghost
of a little girl who died in a fire haunts this site.

523 South Main Street, located between Pike and Tompkins Street. This place is haunted by the ghost of a riverboat captain with the sounds of a rocking chair heard here.

700 South Main Street, located between Perry and Water Street. At the shops here the smells of food and the sounds of voices and footsteps have been heard in the hallways and staircases. One of the voices is heard speaking in French. Objects have been reported being seen to move here.

David Mcnair House, located at 724 south Main Street between  Perry and Water Street. This home is known to fill with the smell of cooking food.

The 400 block of South Main Street running to 3rd Street is said to be  haunted.
Some of the bodies were missing when the old Borromeo Cemetery was moved
to the new Borromeo Cemetery on Randolph Street.  Many of the little shops off
of Main Street to Third Street are haunted.

Saint Charles community college, located at 4601 Mid Rivers Mall Drive in Saint Peters. From where SR 94 meets Mid Rivers Mall Drive, take Mid Rivers Mall Drive north for 1.8 miles. There are two ghosts reported to be here, one is a very old man and the other is of a woman. Voices have been heard and full apparitions seen. Also strange lights, cold spots and objects being moved are also reported. MAP

Witch Molly, the full story and legend can be found at this website. The legend here states that the poor lady was split into four parts and each body part was then buried in different locations.  It is said that every year the body parts "grow" closer to each other.  The head stone is in a deeply wooded area and witchcraft is practiced at this site. The location for the headstone is unknown. The Witch Molly in the website above might not be the correct person. I have different names and spelling for this story. I will update this entry when better info becomes available. Stories from visitors to this site.

‪Duchesne High School‬
GPS 38.79783,-90.500071
‪2550 Elm Street, ‬ ‪St. Charles, MO 63301‬
Below is our first reference to a haunting at this school.

You might want to talk to my friend ... she works at Duschene High School in St. Charles and had experiences with their haunted entity ... an old nun .. who has slapped her headset to her walkman off, and sent them sliding across the floor ... and turns on things at times…

Lindenwood University, located at Madison and North Kingshighway. This school is haunted by the ghost of Mary Sibley, who can be heard playing the piano. There are also reports that the school library and the school theatre are also haunted. Apparitions have been seen in the windows of the upper floors which are no longer in use.

River Towne Thymes, located at 1214 North Second Street. Between Randolph and Bayard Street. The ghost of a man who owned this shop is  said to move objects and the smell of cigarette smoke is present when he  is near by.

The Goldenrod Showboat, located at 99 Chauncy Street. The cross streets are where Boonslick meets South Riverside. This ship is haunted by a ghost named Victoria, also called the woman in red. Who is said to walk  the ship.

Emmaus Homes Located at 2200 Randolph St. This site has been reported to be haunted. This page contains letters from visitors to this site.

St. Andrews Apartments, located at St. Andrews Lane & West Clay Street.
This page contains
letters from people who have lived at, or visited this site.

Fort Zumwalt North High School.
1230 Tom Ginnever Ave
O'Fallon, MO. 63366
GPS 38.821128,-90.668235
The School is relatively new, built in 1960, there is no information yet as to who might be haunting the building, or what occupied this location before the school was constructed.
Letters from visitors to this site.

Elm Street & Elm Point Industrial Drive
Locations associated with the haunting.
Shell Station 38.819912,-90.512667
Holiday Express 38.819316,-90.509785
Letters from visitors to this site.

If you have experienced paranormal activity at any of these haunted sites, please
e-mail us with your photos or stories to add to the database.

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