Haunted Locations In St. Louis County
Ghosts & Haunts In Missouri
Bee Tree Park, near Kimmswick.  From  I-255 and Telegraph Road, take Telegraph south for 4.6 miles to Becker Road, turn left or south on Becker Road and continue  1.6 miles down Becker road to Finestown Road. Turn left or south on Finestown Road and go down it for .3 mile  to Bee Tree Park. This park has two haunted sites; one is the ruins of an unfinished house  built by a man for his wife who left him for another man; and the Nims Mansion, now the Golden Eagle Museum said to be a very active haunting. Open May-Oct Wed-Sun 1-5 pm
846-9073 or 791-8211. Nims Mansion

Meyers House, 180 Dunn Road 314-837-7661. Now a restaurant open Mon-Sat, located off Hwy 270 where N Hanley and Dunn Road meet.  I have also seen the name of this home spelled Myers House. The voice of Adaline Meyers has been heard on the grounds surrounding the mansion.
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Mansion photos
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Haunted Gift Shop, 210 Henry Road in Ballwin.  The cross streets are
Manchester Road and Callan Street.  This former home is haunted by the         ghost of one of two brothers who hanged himself in the front window of
this house, now a gift shop.
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Jefferson Barracks Cemetery, 2900 Sheridan Road 314-260-8720. From where
I-255 meets Telegraph Road, take Telegraph Road east for .7 miles to
Sappington Barracks Road.  Turn right on Sappington Barracks and go down
it for .7 miles to the main gate on your right. At this cemetery there are
reports of paranormal activity in some of the old buildings and at the
Civil War graves. This is a large national cemetery with a lot of history.             Links of interest at  http://www.findagrave.com/cemeteries/1520.html

The Book House, in Ellisville, 9719 Manchester Road. Located at Mar El Ct. and Flesher Dr. The ghost of a little girl who is known as Valerie has been seen here, she moves objects and has gone so far as to help customers find books on occasion.  Letters from visitors to this site.

Thornhill Mansion. Located at 15185 Olive Blvd in Faust Park, the cross streets are Arrowhead Estates to the east and Appalachian Trail to the west. The Park entrance is on the north side of Olive Street. Phone 314 or 636? -532-7298. This is the historic home of Missouri's second Governor, Frederick Bates who died here
in 1877 at the age of 48. Both he and his wife Nancy Opie Ball Bates, who died in 1877 along with two of their four children are buried in the family cemetery on
the grounds behind the mansion. Objects  are reported to disappear and later be found at odd locations.  I asked the mansion historian about the hauntings, he told me two of the employees have seen the former Governor upstairs, one of whom will not go inside after dark. The former Governor has been seen  in a long black coat through the upper floor windows. While nothing paranormal occurred on my trip to this site, I shot these photos of the mansion and graveyard during a special October tour that are interesting.
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House Barn Inside   Governor   Parlor Kitchen   Iron works   Graveyard   Gov. Grave    Gov. & Wife   More Graves


Charbonier Bluffs St. Stanislaus Monastery Ruins. Beginning of path
GPS 38.8112,-90.390826 First of Bluff Ruins along path, approximate GPS 38.815686,-90.391774 This site location is on my ten most haunted places in Missouri list. The ruins are at the top of the bluff, some steep climbing is required. Also some of the path is near the edge of the cliff which has no guard rails, use caution at night. There is a small parking lot on the opposite side of Charbonier Rd. The park closes at 10pm, so early evening ghost hunting in the fall or spring when the nights are longer is ideal. Activity includes, EVP voices, ground tremors, rocks thrown, cold spots, photographic anomalies, electronic equipment manipulation, objects moving, the list seems endless.
Historic documents.
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Haunted Highway East bound Highway I-64 St. Louis. Below is the first letter regarding paranormal activity from East bound drivers heading toward IL. They don't specify at what point the activity began and ended, I don't have any cross streets as reference points. More details and sightings need to be provided.
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Ballwin Manor
The owners of the home wish its location to remain private. In an interview with a man who use to live here, he stated that often times at night they could hear what sounded like footsteps or someone walking upstairs. He also said that weird noises could be heard in the cemetery down the road. He knows of two people who died there, one in the kitchen and the other upstairs in one of the bedrooms, but this is a very old home, and all the deaths that occurred under previous owners has yet to be cataloged. He also stated that there's an attic in the house which most people are unaware of. We have conducted several investigations of Ballwin Manor, because of the exceptional level of paranormal activity this home remains on my 10 most haunted places in Missouri
List .
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Investigations from this location.

Edgewater Court Apartments
GPS 38.677113,-90.474032
1003 Mariner's Point Court, Saint Louis, MO.
We have no specific information as to which individual apartments are experiencing paranormal activity.
Letters from residences in these apartments.

Parker Road Elementary 2800 Parker Road Florissant, MO. 63033 GPS 38.795226,-90.304011 The Story here involves a cemetery that occupied the same piece of land before the school was constructed. The Cemetery, Leaf Brown Cemetery dug up the bodies and relocated them to another graveyard. The legend states that not all of the bodies were successfully removed, the cause of the haunting.
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If you have experienced paranormal activity at any of these haunted sites, please
e-mail us with your photos or stories to add to the database.

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