Ghosts & Haunts In Missouri
       Haunted Locations In Springfield

Springfield National Cemetery, located at 1702 East Seminole Street in downtown Springfield. The cross streets are South Glenstone Ave (also called US 65) and East Seminole Street. At this haunted cemetery photographs of apparitions and orbs, and glowing gravestones have been taken. Civil  War soldiers are buried in this graveyard.

Pythian Castle
1451 East Pythian Street
Springfield, MO. 65802
GPS 37.220929,-93.2688
This Site has been investigated by our group and its definitely haunted.
WWII German, Japanese Prisoners of war were held here.
This site is on occasionally open for overnight Ghost
Tours .
Investigations of Pythian Castle.

University Plaza Hotel, located at  333 South John Q. Hammons Pkwy Springfield, MO. 65806 the major cross street is East Saint Louis Street. This hotel is said to be haunted by the ghost of a civil war officer.

Drury University, located at 900 North Benton Ave. The cross street is East Central Street. There are reports of two haunted places at this College, one is in Clara Thompson Hall. Pianos are said to play by themselves, and in Smith Hall's West Wing the ghost of a little girl dressed in pink has been seen walking the halls. She has also been photographed here.

Bass Country Inn, located just off Hwy 44 at 2610 North Glenstone Ave in Springfield MO. 65803 Phone 417-866-6671 or 1-800-578-7878. This 222 room motel was once a Howard Johnsons. This property is said to be haunted by two ghost, one is of a man and the other of a woman. Their apparitions have been seen and they are known to touch people. At least one of the ghosts is thought to be of a former employee. Bass Country Inn Stories

Freudenberger House, also known as Freddy House by the students on the Southwest Missouri State University Campus. This five-story residences hall was designed to accommodate 740 students, it also houses the military science department. Its located at 1000 E. Madison Street. The ghost of a woman is reported to haunt this building. The ghost is referred to as the (Dorm Mom). Activity has occurred on the fifth floor, but may also be taking place on the other floors as well. It was built in 1959 and named after Norman Freudenberger, professor of Latin for 45 years and and served as the department head of the foreign languages department for 36 years.
Stories from visitors to this site.

Springfield Central High School
Located at 423 East Central
GPS 37.217401,-93.288494
Built in 1893 its Springfield's oldest high school. Additions have been made over the years, the central wing was constructed in 1907, an east wing in 1913 and an auditorium in 1940, and a new wing in 2002.
Stories from visitors to this site.

Doling Cave, located in Doling Park
GPS 37.244613,-93.291779, 

Willard Care Center. Located at 400 Walnut Lane, in the suburbs NW of Springfield. GPS 37.301696,-93.440243 We are starting to collect stories from employees, and visitors to this site. You can read their
Letters on the following page.

Lander Theater
311 East Walnut Street
GPS 37.207127,-93.290963
Several ghosts are reported to haunt the theater. In 1920 a fire was responsible for fatalities in the building.

Hazelwood Cemetery
People have reported seeing the ghost of an old man. White apparitions, shadow people and the feeling the presence of someone walking past you.

If you have experienced paranormal activity at any of these haunted sites, please
e-mail us with your photos or stories to add to the database.

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