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         Spanish Fort Cemetery Stories

My husband and I and several friends went to Spanish Fort Cemetery "Ghost Hunting", we got to the cemetery after midnight and three of us (all women) decided to walk to the back of the cemetery with flashlights.  I was almost to the back right corner of the cemetery when I saw lights out of the corner of my eye, at first I thought they were lightning bugs and the I heard someone scream and turned around and "orbs" were flying right ant me and one of the other girls that went with us, we ran as fast as we could and I told my husband to get pictures as we  were running towards him and the others at the cemetery entrance, he managed to snap three photos.  The photos were taken with a cell phone camera and appear all black, I wonder if anything could be done to see if there's anything on them.  It was pitch black out that night, hence the black photos.  The whole thing scared the pee out of all of us, and believe me it takes alot to scare me.  I have not gone back......yet.JD

My sister, my Cousin, and myself went to Spanish Fort Cemetery late one night because we had heard so many stories about it, and because it is only a few miles from my home town it is very easy to get to. We got out of the car and was standing by the fence taking pictures I felt a cold spot where I was standing but said nothing to the others, I wanted to see if they would say anything but they never did so I guess I was the only one feeling it, all of us took several pictures with our Digital cams, then got back in the car to check them out. My Cousin got a wonderful picture of a very thick mist or fog, and at the right hand side of the photo it looks like the Grim Reaper standing there looking at us. We all got several good Orbs, I got a picture of an Orb and something very shiny and moving very fast along the ground. It was not there when I took the picture because I always check the areas for anything that might show up strange or out of place. there was nothing on the ground that would make that shape. We do plan on going back to Spanish Fort soon to take more pictures and some evp readings, I am sure that we will get some wonderful evps. being a fort I'm sure there are alot of things to hear.

Hello!  I was just writing to inform you on some of my experiences at some local haunted cemeteries that I have been to.  I will start off with my very recent trip to Spanish Fort Cemetery in Mt. Vernon.  My friends and I are really in to checking out all of these haunted places and we go whenever we get the chance.  A couple days ago we all went to Spanish Fort about 12:30 AM.  We walked along the trails through the tall grass and were greeted with a ton of old white graves spread out in the grass.  As we got farther and farther in the wind seemed to pick up and everything seemed to get louder.  We never made it all the way to the back because it was very creepy and it even scared me and I am pretty hard to scare in cemeteries.  Some of the guys pointed out a red light in the trees, but said they thought it was only a house.  A few minutes later they went to look at it again and it had disappeared.  If we stood quietly you could hear footsteps in the woods and a lot of other strange sounds. We all got scared (some of us are pansies!) and ran out.  The guys who were running in the back said that as we were running out the noises kept getting louder and louder.  We are all going back out there to see what else we can see, but if anyone is debating on wether or not to go to this cemetery you should, I have been to a lot and this is by far the creepiest and scariest one I have ever seen.

Spanish Fort Cemetery is a very strange spot, I've hunted around there most of my life and if your in or near the Cemetery at night you can hear voices and you will see lights moving. Several times while hunting I've walked up to the cemetery thinking there was someone up there with a flashlight talking but when I'd get there, there would be nobody. Also on the monument they put up telling about the tribe that built the mound you will see figures on the bottom of it in pictures that don't show up to the naked eye, they're kind of Indian looking signs or figures what ever you'd want to call them. next time I'm out there I plan on taking a camera and seeing what I can get on film.

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