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Our paranormal investigation group  was granted permission to conduct a series of overnight field investigations of Six Flags. Our conclusion, the park is definitely haunted! The video footage, audio & photos captured can be viewed on the investigation link to the right.

Six flags Over Mid-America "The park is believed to be haunted by at least three different ghosts. The apparition of a little girl has been seen laughing and playing in different areas of the park. The ghost of a young woman named Stella is believed to haunt several of the park theaters and gives off cold spots. I was wondering if anyone else besides me encountered Stella. I have encountered her twice. The first time was around 11 at night when I had to go back into the Palace theater to get something from the food stand inside. There was no one in the theater and the only lights that were on were the can lights that lined the back wall. So it was dimly lit. Well I heard something up in the cat walk as i reached the front of the theater. I was going from the back stage (through a locked door) to the front of the theater were the stand is. Well when I got to the door to the stand I heard something and looked up to the cat walk. There were two dimly light lights on up there and I saw something race across the top and off the side. I talked to some of the people that run the show the next day, and they said "Oh so you finally meet Stella?" The second more interesting time, was one morning me and a friend go to work early and started putting stock from the back of the theater up to the stand. Well it was about an hour or so prior to park opening and the first show wasn't till the after noon. So everything was still off. We went in through the back with a key and half hazardly made are way from the dark back area to the dimly lit front. When we got to the front we turned on the lights to the stand. We went about are business and the damn lights started to flash, at first just a little like a brown out. Then the things started to act like twinkling christmas lights. After about 10 mins of this we couldn't ignore it any more and remembering Stella I shouted "STOP". The lights stopped and went back to normal, for about 15 mins. Then it started again and me and my friend Joe got the hell out of there, and stayed out till the cast and crew came in for the day hours later. I was wondering if anyone else has seen anything. Btw being in a theme park in the dead of winter with no lights on and the knowledge that only two other people are in the park, is a lot scarier then any episode of Scooby Doo made it out to be.

Right behind six flags is a state park that goes right to the fence of six flags at night if your hiking you can here the sounds of two little girls laughing right behind you when you turn a look there's no one there. also by the tidal wave ride at night you can hear a man laugh some pigs squeal. I brought this to the attention of one of the workers and the said it was just bob the pig man.

I am Bill and I am the tech manager and lead investigator for the Full Moon Paranormal Society. We believe there are at least five ghosts at Six Flags. The lady of the theaters  is most often seen at the Empire Theater, but has been seen at the Palace Theater and in the courtyard behind the Palace. She was seen walking across the courtyard and up the stairs to the door of security office where she disappeared. There is also a male ghost seen and heard in the same areas as the lady. He seems to be angry whereas she is friendly. The little girl we call the little girl of the Arbors. These arbors are located between Thunder River and the Colossus. She has been heard throughout the park but most sightings have been in the arbors after closing time. She is about 8 to 10 years old wearing a yellow dress with white puffy sleeves. We think she was the one who left muddy footprints near the Ranger pilots kiddy airplane ride in 2009. We also think that the next day after leaving the footprints she intervened and saved a baby from possibly serious injury. I am going to attach one of the photos of the
Footprints. The fourth known ghost is the one haunting the Mine Train roller coaster. Last year while there was only operators present and the power was off the loading gates opened and then closed. We had been talking about the ghost just prior to the incident. We try to not say bad things about that ghost because it can be  a real pain because it has been known to cause a shutdown of the ride when it has been angered. The fifth known ghost is Bob the Pigman. He is supposed to be the pig farmer that owned the property before Six Flags was built. He has mostly been heard but was blamed for some equipment damage when the Boss roller coaster was being built. Sometimes some of the ghosts can be a pain, but none of the ghosts have ever done anything to harm a guest or an employee. I feel good when I am operating the kiddy rides because I believe that the little girl is helping keep the children safe.

Hi I saw the site and I thought to add a story that I have from when I worked at Six Flags. I worked there doing the summer of 2005 and my division was set in Looney Tunes land. I had never experience anything weird or heard any stories about any ghosts until this one night. My friend and I were hanging around the Ball Factory in Looney Tunes Land one night while waiting for our manager to come around and check the rides before she signed our time slips. We were inside playing when the lights went out and the unexpectedly, the only lights that remained were the emergency signs that were lit. We thought this was weird since the lights inside the Ball Factory aren't on a timer and they NEVER go out. On the top level of the Ball Factory there are two poles that have a button on the side of them. When you press the buttons a siren goes off and a police light comes on and it triggers one of the boxes above your head to dump out all of the soft foam play balls that are contained in them. Right after the lights went out the siren went off and the box started to empty itself. I looked up and though I saw someone standing right next to the pole, but it was dark and the only light now was that of the swirling police light. So I wasn't sure. I looked at my friend, who looked just as confused as I did. The boxes were never known to empty by themselves and as far as we knew, you had to press the buttons to activate them. Another employee came in and I said to her "Who's up there?" His response was "Eleanor." I thought it was some new employee that I hadn't met yet. I looked up again and I said "I saw someone up there." At that point my manager came in and asked what was going on. My friend and I explained the situation and she went and one was up on the second floor. When she came down the previous employee who had mentioned Eleanor before said "They just met Eleanor" I looked at my manager and asked who Eleanor was. She replied "She's the ghost that haunts Six Flags" I was stunned and didn't believe her and she went on the tell all of us about Eleanor and the story surrounding how she died and all. I was kinda freaked out after that. I made sure I dodged Ball Factory duty at night. My simple solution for not having to meet Eleanor again.
NCThis was not actually in the park but behind it.  At one time there was a summer camp behind there called camp Wyman.  When I was a kid I went there and the guy in charge of the cabin I was in offered to take us to either mud cave or one that was much closer. as it was summer and hot, we figured we would take the closer cave. Apparently there was a legend attached to this site.  About an indian princess whose lover was killed by her father and placed near the roof of this cave.  he later killed her as well and placed near her lost love. Their ghosts still roam the area, though i do not remember any experience. The cave was large and the roof formed a map of the area.  Sad thing is that there is only that one room left since in the 50s or so, they dynamited it since so many locals got lost in there. PP

i've seen and felt the ghost of the little girl before. i've been to the park two times. i know its sounds lame, but i'm not made of $. but the first time i visited the park i felt her presence at the entrance of the river king mine train. I've heard about her before i went, so i knew it was her. Then the second time i visited the park was for choir. We had to sing at, i think it it was the Place Theatre. its the theatre near Mr. Freeze. Anyways we were up on stage singing and out of the corner of my eye i spotted her standing in the stage left wing. and my friend and i saw her later on that day when we rode the river king mine train. my friend and i were the only ones on it so we sat up front. We came off the second lift hill and started going down and we both looked to the right "as if something told us to look" we both saw the same woman i saw in the theatre laying flat on the ground. I told the ride operators. and they said "oh thats the little girl. She's the river king mine train ghost" well that creeped me out and awed me at the same. I have heard and seen the two little girls playing over by the chinese restaurant. I have a friend who's dad use to work there in the 70's. he said that the little girls that i saw was the same girls who died due to the sky way car detaching. i love hearing ghost stores about amusements and theme parks. 

If you have experienced paranormal activity at Six Flags, please e-mail us with your photos or stories to add to the database.
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