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Anaconda Cemetery, located 3 miles southwest of St. Clair, and 1 mile east of the small town of Anaconda on Sycamore Lane. This orb in motion was caught by one of our web site users. Note the motion trail. They reported this place gave them creepy feelings, and the camera stopped working after only taking a couple of photos.
Below are letters from members who has visited this site.

A little bit of info for anyone planning a trip to Anaconda Cemetery.  Your best bet is to take a very inconspicuous day trip.  Look for alternate entrances.  I have been here several times and you will see and experience a lot of different things.  There is a grave that glows right under the tree seen in this picture.  There are also a lot of strange noises and pictures always contain orbs.  A word for the wise, plan your trip as far away from
Halloween as possible, a couple of years ago there was major vandalism on Halloween and the keepers guard it very closely for that reason, they will have you arrested for trespassing.  Trust me, your family is not appreciative of bailing you out of jail for roaming around in a cemetery. However, if you are willing to take the risk, this trip is well worth it.  The scariest thing that ever happened to me there is as follows:  Myself and some friends of mine pulled up into the parking lot with no lights on, we were sitting there, preparing to do our own research and all of a sudden there was a knocking at the window.  We all started screaming a looked. There was a woman with a flashlight, who asked what we were doing there. My friend's cousin had just been buried there about a month before, so she said she just wanted to have a look.  The woman started screaming
"get out of here!!!!" We rolled up the windows and started to back up, when we looked around for the woman...She was gone. I have gone to the cemetery during the day and once or twice the keeper has been there.  I talked to him for a little bit and he said he would have no idea what woman would have come to us and told us to leave.  He said
his house was the only house in view of the cemetery.  We had just pulled into the lot...  the next house from the keeper's is at least a city block.Either this woman ran like hell, or?

I have put up some pics of Anaconda Cemetery at
just click on the ghost of Missouri link in the picture album. This is a very visible place. It can be seen from I-44 and a couple of houses in the area. You have to be ready to haul it out of there quick. If you want to study it go during the day and if you want pics then you gotta get there, get the pics and get out. The flash can be seen from the rest area on I44 where State police hang out! You can no longer drive into the cemetary. The new gate leaves room for one car to turn arround. One way in and one way out. There are alternate ways in but you will need a driver and have to walk a little.

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Iron Hill Road, located just ne of town starting at Pasadena Ave, running for
4 1/2 miles ending at where the name of the road changes to
Shawneetown Ford Road. The Ghost of a man is reported to have been seen
along this road.

I would like to hear from anyone who has experienced paranormal activity at any
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