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            Haunted Locations In Rolla

,GPS 37.933738,-91.590942 located 10.3 miles east of Rolla or just a few miles south of the town of St. James.  This site may also be known as SPOOK HOLLOW by the locals in St. James MO. Visitors report seeing strange prints and seeing phantom vehicles which seem to disappear and reappear out of nowhere.  Often photos taken of this area won't develop. There are reports of flashlights not working inside the cemetery. Other people are reporting seeing a figure along Country Road 3450 which runs north of the cemetery. These two stories may
or may not be related. Red glowing eyes have also been seen coming from inside the remains of a bus going in the other direction on Pine Hill Road. The cemetery is located from where Pine Hill Road & Country Road 3450 meet by going south on  3470, a short dead end road.

Letters from visitors to Goatman's Grave.

Snelson-Brinker Cabin, located between Rolla and Steelville to the east.
The cabin is 9 miles west of Steelville on SR8/SR68 just west of N Mo-68 on this

Photos provided by RR,
cabin, abandoned school bus photos, nearby graveyard of the family, and the place where the slave girl Mary was kept (who was hung for the drowning of  one of the children).

Stories from visitors to this site.

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