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Big Cedar Lodge, 612 Devils Pool Road 1-417-335-2777. Their web site is                                                                                      Located between the cities of Ridgedale and Branson, from downtown   Branson where US 65 and SR76 also called West Main Street meet, take US 65 south for 8.9 miles and turn right or west on SR 86. Go down it for .7 miles, turn right on Road 86-85 and go down it .3 miles to the fourth road on your left. Turn left on this local road and continue on for .5 miles to Canyon Drive on your right. Go down 1.2 miles to Big Cedar Lodge. At the Devils Pool, (the Indians called it Spirit Pool), the ghost of a woman named Dorothy is reported to be seen and felt. Her presence has been most active in and around the pool. Her body was cremated in Mexico and returned to the pool. She is known to touch people and her voice has been heard. Ghostly lights have been seen, also chilling breezes are reported to be felt.

I just wanted to clarify something about Dorothy, the ghost at Big Cedar Lodge. She is the ghost of Dorothy Worman, Harry Worman's very young wife. Harry Worman and his partner bought the land that eventually became the Big Cedar Resort, they built two summer houses there. Harry Worman, a railroad mogul was in his 50's and married his partner's young secretary Dorothy who was in her early 20's. It is said that she started having an affair with the caretaker, ( who lived in what is now the Spa next to the registration building.) She and Harry divorced, and she moved to Mexico. She died under mysterious circumstances, and yes Harry did have her cremated and her ashes sent back to him. BUT her ashes were spread out behind the Wormans summer home, what is now the Worman House Restaurant. Not the pool. Dorothy is seen by many, (myself included), some of the people who encountered her did not realize she was a ghost until they saw her picture on the wall! Calls come into security late at night from the Worman House, long after everyone has left and keys have been turned in! Big Cedar does have a very long history with the Indians as well. But I just wanted to clarify the Dorothy story.
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My wife and I arrived at the lazy river about 5pm it was our first time there.  We asked how late they were open and they replied “dusk”.  We got into the lazy river and went around once and then decided to go around again.  We were the only ones in the river.  We were floating silently when a voice came from behind and asked, “how long have you two been married?”  I turned to see this beautiful young girl with brown hair smiling as she leaned on a float ring.  I replied, “35 years. Are you married?”  She replied “once but that is a long story”  she then hurriedly floated by us and disappeared around the turn.   As we were leaving we noticed the girl lying on a chaise lounge at the far end of the deck all by herself staring into the woods.   Both my wife and I looked at each other in wonder.  The next evening we had dinner and there was picture of her on the wall at the restaurant.   It was her,  no doubt in my mind,  both my wife and I are convinced to a point of chills that we encountered Dorothy.  My wife does not fool around or lie at all,  and she in convinced that we encountered Dorothy.   It was a good experience we felt a warmth and a need to be drawn back to Big Cedar.  I cannot explain the aura that we encountered when she came to us in the water, sort of a peaceful, wistful feeling. 
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