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Allen Cemetery, located on the map below near where Country Road 3200 and Brushy Creek Road meet, on the east side. The gravestone of Jodi Hamilton is rumored to be haunted. This is probably the most poorly documented haunting
I have on any of these pages, it might well be nothing more than local urban legend. This man is said to have committed several murders, but I can't find any of the names of his victims. He is said to have later been caught and hung. His body is reported to have been buried in Allen Cemetery. His gravestone is said to glow. I would like to hear from anyone familiar with this cemetery, the history of the area around Raymondville, or who has a personal story of actually witnessing this glowing grave, Please
e-mail us with your story.
Below are letters from visitors familiar with the area.


As someone raised for over 40 years in Raymondville, I can tell you the
graveyard you are looking for is the Allen Cemetery. It is located approx. 1 mile south on highway 137, turn right on the gravel road. Its approx. 1 and a half
miles on the left side of the road. there is also a book that is the county library, that we read in the late 1960's in grade school about the murders of the family.
I think it was in the book of the history of Texas county. I do remember that
Mr Hamilton was a black man, and the family he was alleged to have killed was
a white family he worked for. There are also stories that in the area he killed the family along the piney river, you can hear the sound of wagon wheels clamoring along the rivers edge. I have been the the graveyard numerous times, but have never seen his grave glowing. I have heard stories over the decades, that his
grave appears to be rising out of the ground as the years go by. I do remember it being a very interesting story when I was younger, and I may research it more.

I am from around there and a good friend of mine lives in Raymondville.  I have never experienced anything at the cemetery, but the whole town is quite spooky to me.  Any of the houses I’ve been inside freak me out.  It is just a very eerie place to be.

Greetings:  I have lived in and around Raymondville, Missouri my whole life. The Jody Hamilton story is well documented in the Texas County Library or at least it used to be. Contrary to the reference of Mr. Hamilton as BLACK he was very white. Yes he did work for a family and yes he did murder them all including a baby. Which legend says you can hear crying near the creek where the family lived. Mr. Paul Cheek a former teacher at Houston, Missouri only a few miles from Raymondville gave his students each year a copy of the entire story. Mr. Cheek is now deceased but his work I am sure is available through his son or widow. As for Mr. Hamilton he was hung on the Texas County Court House lawn. There use to be a photo in the news paper archives on micro film years ago of this hanging. As for the Allen cemetery not haunted at all! Never has been I have spent many good times drinking a beer with my buddies there telling ghost stories as a teenager...As for the town of Raymondville being spooky, weird, strange etc...It's just like any other town no ghost, or spooks...Nothing of any paranormal significance at ALL!!! It does have an old mill, old laundry mat and a few very old houses. One even having been a funeral home Ooh spooky...I am the founder of Central Missouri Paranormal Research Group and I assure you there is nothing to either the town of Raymondville or the Allen cemetery being haunted at all..

Came across your page on Raymondville while doing some research and thought I would share what little I've accumulated on Jodie Hamilton.   I was born and raised in Raymondville and the only enduring ghostly legend I know of are the stories about Joseph 'Jodie' Hamilton (sometimes he's listed as going by Joda). My grandfather was seventeen at the time of the murders and witnessed Jodie Hamilton's execution on December 21, 1906. I never knew my grandfather, but my mother passed on the story as she said he told it. According to him there was never any definitive evidence that Jodie murdered the Parsons family (Carney, wife Minnie, and their three young sons) and that there was talk that he was a scapegoat to ease the town-folks fears. He even supposedly said that Jodie was not quite right in the head due to an accident involving a mule when Jodie was younger. Although, what I've uncovered so far tells a far different tale.   My grandfather claimed that the first time they hung Jodie the rope snapped, then they went down to get him to try again. According to the story he told, Jodie refused to cooperate claiming he was innocent, and the men had to bodily drag him back up the scaffolding stairs where he was hung a second time. The entire trip he claimed Jodie was singing a hymn although what one I can't recall. This time the execution was successful.   Apparently there have been two locations purported to be haunted that are associated with this horrific crime.   • Allen Cemetery where Jodie was laid to rest. It had been said his tombstone had a luminescence to it, that is if you could locate. Some folks claimed when I was a child that Jodie was buried in an unmarked grave for fear that someone might desecrate it. I never personally saw his grave, but I do know that his mother Katie Agnes Hamilton is most definitely buried there. I have a photo of her tombstone. • The Banks of the Big Piney River near the actually crime scene. It is said that if you go there on October 12th (the murders occurred on Oct. 12, 1906) that in the evening as the last daylight fades away you can hear the creak of the wagon wheels, the sound of men arguing, the screams of a woman, and even the sounds of a small child crying. This was a popular story that was told around Halloween when I attended Houston High School in the 1980's I'm a firm believer in the paranormal and consider myself a sensitive, but I never had the chance to investigate either of the above claims. If what my grandfather claimed was true and the confession was coerced and Jodie was an innocent man then frankly both he and the Parson family have every right to linger. Although, there is no evidence to that effect.  Many Thanks,
FS   Central Missouri Paranormal Research Group

Hi   I was browsing around and saw your site. The Jodie Hamilton story is a very interesting story, the most popular event in the township history. The local paper last year around May showed a picture of the victims that Jodie Hamilton had shot. They were sitting upright on an old metal framed bed. I have witnessed anything out at the Allen Cemetery when I stop by to visit. I would consider the area to be more "peaceful" rather than spooky.

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