Ghosts & Haunts In Missouri  Haunted Locations In Potosi
All the site on this page, except for Sweet Memories, which is privately owned, and Bust Mansion, now in ruins are open to overnight ghost hunts on occasion.
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These sites are managed by the
Mine Au Breton Historical Society
Rt 1 Box 3154
Potosi, Missouri 63664

Long-Banta House, located at North Mine Street & West Breton Street 63660.
This home was built during the Civil War in 1863 and is well documented to be haunted.
I have investigated this site, and can confirm that it's an active haunting. I have recorded the sound of notes being played on the piano, along with EVP voices.
The attic room and basement are also active spots.
New for 2015 Field Investigation of the
Long Banta Mansion in HD Video!

Austin Milam-Lucas Store
located at South Missouri St. & West Jefferson St.
I have also been to this location several times and can confirm its haunted. This home has a tragic history, with a
suicide on the second floor. I have captured EVP voices, and heard knocking sounds that were so strong I could feel it through the floors! One person I was with was actually touched while entering the doorway of the suicide room.
Lucas Store HD Video Investigation

City Cemetery
Located at West Brenton Street and Pine Street.
EVP voices and other activity have been documented at this location.
New! HD video cemetery investigation.

Old Presbyterian Church
Located at West Brenton Street & Pine Street. Activity we have experienced include the sound of someone descending to the main floor from the balcony while no one was there.

Bust Mansion, built in the 1800's and located in Potosi, although I don't have a
street address for this site. The Mansion is now in ruins, but was said to
have been haunted.

Sweet Memories Sandwich Shop
105 W Breton St.
People have seen the ghost of a man looking out the second floor window pointing outward. The ghost of a woman named Harriet, the ghosts of a little girl and little boy. Activity includes objects disappearing, and recovered later in odd locations. The pieces of a puzzle being moved into place, along with objects thrown. The sounds of someone opening the front door, a female voice saying "Hello". There are people who have seen black shadow figures, and fast moving white distortions.

If you have experienced paranormal activity at any of these sites, please e-mail us with your stories.
Long-Banta House
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