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Roxie Road, So far I have only one reference to this location being haunted. Whether or not just one home, or a larger area are effected is unknown. I have the location for Roxie Road 36.762396,-90.422751 but not the haunted site itself. Roxie Road Stories.

Haunted rail road tracks Wilcox Road.
This Rail Road Track has real trains using it, Never Park On It!.
Stories from visitors to this site.


Old Doctor's Hospital Poplar Bluff, AKA Regional Medical Center-South Campus
GPS 621 W. Pine Street, Poplar Bluff, MO 63901
621 W. Pine Street, Poplar Bluff, MO 63901

Below is the first reference of paranormal activity at this location we have received.

You should add the old Doctor's Hospital in Poplar Bluff to your haunting list. I work there and there have been numerous weird happenings there just in the last few years.  If you put it on there I can have others who work there go to the website and put their stories on.  It is now Poplar Bluff Regional Medical Center-South Campus.  Since being bought out all that is left is the psychiatric wing on 3rd floor, the rehabcare floor, the new hyperbaric wound center, the pain clinic, a few offices, and the sleep lab. The rest of the hospital is empty.  The first story that comes to mind is one of the therapists on call used to sleep over on 2nd floor that is closed now. This was this year(2006) He called the nursing supervisor scared to death and said that something pushed him out of the bed or something to that effect.  He refused to sleep there and moved that night over by the rehabcare floor.  Soon after that he quit.
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