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Roxie Road, So far I have only one reference to this location being haunted. Whether or not just one home, or a larger area are effected is unknown. I have the location for Roxie Road 36.762396,-90.422751 but not the haunted site itself. Roxie Road Stories.

Haunted rail road tracks Wilcox Road.
This Rail Road Track has real trains using it, Never Park On It!.
I would like to hear from anyone with a personal experience, history or legends regarding this site. Please
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Poplar Bluff  Wilcox Road at the railroad tracks. From Wilcox road after 1/4 of a mile the road will fork, turn left at the fork. continue down this road to the rail road tracks.   People report seeing ghosts here during the evening. A story here is of a train which jumped the tracks.  If you get out of you car you can see a decapitated man in the ditch searching for his head, many people have seen this (including myself).  I am from Poplar Bluff and have heard this story since I was a little kid.  My husband and I tried it out a few months ago with no results.  Anyone else ever tried it, or know anything about it?  Does anyone even live anywhere near me?  Poplar Bluff is in SE Missouri.

You have a letter from someone talking of the ghost at the train tracks on Wilcox road in poplar bluff. I have heard of this and even seen it on other web sites. The story is that a train wrecked at that crossing in the '40s and most of the People died. A pregnant woman was found but her unborn child was gone. A decapitated man was found but his head remained missing. they say if you stop on the railroad tracks and turn your vehicle off as well as the lights, radio, etc, your windows will fog up unusually quick. Once they are to foggy to see out them, someone will either knock or u roll down your window to see a ghost woman asking if you have seen her baby. Also, if you get out and look in the ditch a man with no head has been seen feeling his way around for it.  Me and some friends attempted to see if this worked but the guy driving chickened out, so I don't no if it works or not. I have also heard stories of animal sacrifices and satanic rituals happening under a bridge a bit further down the road.

I went to Wilcox road last night with friends.  I have talked to people who have heard of the headless man legend.  Also I found out that within the past 5 years another man was killed there.  He had been sniffing gas and laid across the tracks and fell asleep.  A train came and starting blowing his horn, the conductor of the train said the man sat up and looked in the opposite direction and laid back down.  He was killed minutes later.  We took numerous photos and had 3 that showed anything.  We did park on the tracks and our windows did not fog up quickly.  We got tired of waiting and got out to take the photos.  It was a clear night about 45 degrees. The last pic shows no orbs etc. So you can see how clear the camera is.  I am also sending you photos from another location.  We were told about a house where a man killed his wife years ago.  I believe we found the remainder of the foundation last night.  The first pic is of a friend near the foundation with orbs.  The second shot, she moved and no orbs.  The weird thing is the shots with orbs or ecto, she was in everyone.  There are a couple she was in the shot with nothing.  I find it odd thought that she was in every shot where we saw an orb or ecto. 

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