Ghosts & Haunts In Missouri
       Haunted Locations In Perryville

St. Boniface Cemetery.  Located downtown on the 100 Block of Feltz Street,
with the cross streets of West Saint Joseph Street and Edgemont Blvd.
At night in this cemetery it's said voices are heard and ghosts have been seen walking the grounds.
Stories from visitors to this site.

Indian Hill, located 8 miles north of Perryville. Take US 61 (also called Kingshighway) north and turn right or east on MO-H, then turn left on
Country Road 950.
Indian Hill  is an ancient indian burial mound. Witnesses report viewing
the apparition of an Indian at this site.

If you have experienced paranormal activity at any of these haunted sites, please
e-mail us with your photos or stories to add to the database.

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