My family and I moved to Monroe St., Desloge MO in the spring of 1983. I was 19 years old and the youngest,the only one living at home. My mom was painting the dining room one day when we first moved in and a couple from church dropped by and made the comment, "We have heard alot of horror stories about this old house."  My mom was totally oblivious and didn't ask them what the meant by that...we wish now she would have! From the moment we went into the house for the first time, it gave me a serious case of the creeps.  It was a one story,but the attic had been converted into two bedrooms and made into a second story.  My niece, years later, told me she had always felt a presence in that house.  It was freezing cold in certain spots, mainly up in the attic.  The stairway, going up to the attic was enclosed, just enhancing the eerieness.Whenever you would be going down the stairs from the attic, there would invariably be an icy blast of air behind you, with the extreme feeling of someone that did not want you up there, chasing you down the steps.  My niece said her and her sister always felt that.  You felt chased down the steps by an evil presence, always.When I was nineteen, I had alot of emotional problems.  I was very vulnerable...a soul that was a prime target for the demonic.There was a room downstairs off of the kitchen and I usually slept back there.   There was a period of time when I would turn out the light, lay down and then it would start:  a light rapping on the wall behind the bed.  If I ignored it (though I was afraid), it would get louder, and Louder and LOUDER.  If I continued to ignore (as I was terrified on the inside), the bed would start shaking in addition to the rapping. If I called my mother in the room to sleep with me as I was so afraid, it would stop completely.  It was almost as if this entity wanted my parents to believe I was crazy. I had horrible nightmares in that house and would, at times, feel an evil presence as I slept and a demonic buzzing that would rise in the air as I woke up. If the the downstairs was haunted, the upstairs was triple haunted.  At one point, I decided I was going to beat this thing and just ignore it and live my life.  I decided to sleep upstairs in one of the converted bedrooms.  The night I was to sleep up there, I knew something would happen that night.  I didn't have the nerve to turn off of the light, but I did laydown, attempting to sleep.
Suddenly, boxes in the next bedroom (which was empty except for a bed and some boxes), started moving around.  The more I ignored them, the worse it got.  I finally couldn't take it and jumped up to yell for mom, suddenly before I could yell for mom, I heard HER yell, "What is going on" in a terrified voice. She ran out of their bedroom downstairs and I heard her scream and heard my dad say, "What is going on?"  The sliding glass doors, which had a stick in the groove behind it to keep it secure,was sliding back and forth...opening and shutting. Later, mom told me that they also heard definite footsteps running down the staircase from my room, the running around the dining room table, then going out the door. Later, I saw a huge black rat run from under my feet and behind our dryer, though years later, I realized that it couldn't be real as the space between the dryer and wall was about 1/3 inch thick.  The "rat" was as big as a large cat, with a long pink tail. The part of Desloge that this house is in is in a "creepy" part of town.   Ironically, I attended the elementary school in that part of town when I was in the fourth grade and it was one of the happiest times of my life.  But the area in general  has a definite aura of eerieness.  And throughout the years, I had horrible nightmares and many of them took place in that part of town.  This was BEFORE the creepy house years. This part of Desloge was the main part in the past.  Now it's just dead and depressing.  The hub of Desloge is the first half on the east side of the railroad tracks.  I love this part of Desloge.  It's bright and lively and I'd lived in that part many years as a child and loved everything about it.  I still do, though now I live in St. Louis. There are Civil War ere homes in this area and creepy, old, empty churches.  I had a premonition dream years before we moved into that house about my brother and the horror took place in the yard of a creepy church in that area. There are several graveyards there too.  The house, by the way, also had 3 crosses drawn in an old closet in that house.  It was just creepy.  It has been redone on the outside these days and when I come down here to visit my elderly parents, sometimes we will go for a ride, going past that area.  My niece told me years later too, that that part of Desloge always gave her a "weird" feeling, that it was scary to her. Our family by the way, are hard-headed Christians.  We love the Lord and no one believed in 'ghosts', as such until we lived in that house.  We now believe these are demonic things.  I was a Christian at that part of time, though wasn't really living for the Lord at the time of being in that house. My niece and I have always been vulnerable and emotional, though and we sense things that others cannot always sense sometimes. I've done genealogy on my family and have looked up some Desloge history but cannot find anything unusual about that part of town.  My niece and I would both like to know if anyone knows anything about the history of this part of Desloge MO.  I could add other things about this part of town, but this has been too long as it is!  If you know anything or learn anything, could you all please add it to your site? Or let me know somehow?  It would be appreciated!  PJH
Correction:   Sorry, but technically, the house on Monroe St is in Park Hills; Monroe street-the whole street and area from where it starts in Park Hills to the end of it, at the church (which is the site where the worst nightmare I had in my life took place, a premonition that I dont wish to speak of at this time) is, is all creepy.  It's all the same area,but after you cross the highway that goes to Leadwood and Potosi on the Desloge side of Monroe Street, you are technically now in Park Hills, but still on Monroe Street.  I would be interested to know if anyone knows of any history of the old part of Desloge and Park Hills, even Leadwood in that area.  Thanks.

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