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Ozark High School. The town of Ozark is located south of Springfield off
of US 65. The school is located on SR14, also called West Jackson Street,
with the cross streets of North 12th Street to the west and North 9th Street
to the east. The school stage is thought to be haunted by a boy who plays
tricks and is known to move objects.
Stories from visitors to Ozark High School.

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Haunted nursing home, below is the first letter we have received about this site.

I live in Sunrise Beach, MO.  I used to work in a nursing home.  One night while I was working, I was told by my supervisor to go and check on a resident that had been acting unusual that day.  It was about 10 pm so I didn't expect this person to still be awake, but to my surprise I could hear talking coming from the room.  I knocked on the door and went in to see who the resident was talking to, and this person introduced me to her 'sister'. There wasn't anyone in the room with the resident, so I told her that I didn't see her sister, and asked her where she was in the room.  The resident pointed across the room to her sofa and told me her sister was sitting right there.  Seeing things wasn't uncommon for some of the residents, so I just ignored it and said goodnight and left the room.  As soon as I shut her door, I got goosebumps and had the urge to run away from her room.  I looked down the hallway and saw a strange light that looked like a ball with a tail, somewhat tadpole shaped. It seemed to come out of the residents room and sort of bounce across the hall and then vanish into the wall opposite from the one it came out of!  I tried to think of a logical explanation for what I saw and how I felt, but I couldn't come up with anything.  I told my supervisor about it and she told me that she had seen it, too.  So had many other people that worked or had worked there. It is always in the same hallway, although not always coming from the same residents room.  I don't know what it is, or if it could be the reason for some of the residents strange behavior.  Does anyone have any information that could help explain what I witnessed?

Followup letter.

Thanks for the info.  I no longer work at the nursing home so I can't investigate any further.  I do have a friend that still works there, though.  She hasn't seen anything herself but she said that other people that work there have talked about seeing strange things.  I used to be a little skeptical about ghosts and stuff, but now I think I'm a believer!

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