Our Lady Of Sorrows School Stories

I work at Our Lady of Sorrows School, I have heard noises watched doors open and close by them selves. I have also heard footsteps and screams before. Kids have seen a person in a window at night and that person is holding a candle, but this
person was on the third floor, and I thought that the fire happen on
the first floor. The reason for the letter is that I was wondering if their is any more information about the fire or the person who died.
Thanks, PS:  Were all curious

I went to our lady of sorrows for 9 years and I was there at a boy scout meeting and we were in the cafe and I heard someone walkind around upstairs and I thought it was the janitor but when we went up there all the lights were off except for the room at the end of the second floor and we all went to look in there and maybe give the janitor a little scare because he also went to school with us but when I opened the door no one was there and there was a candle lit in the window and then when we turned around there was some kind of writing that we couldnt make out on the chalk board we went and got a scout leader and when we got back the candle was taken off the window sill and there were erase marks on the chalk board.

I am recently going to the school that was Our Lady of Sorrows. It was changed to St. Katharine Drexel because of a combination between two schools. One of them was of course Our Lady of Sorrows and the other was St.Mary Magdalen School. I am now in sixth grade and I have been going here since second grade when the schools combined. Anyhow ,in fifth grade we encountered an odd period in our lives.We started to talk about the stories of what happened long ago. I had never had heard these stories before and I found that they were very interesting. a few of my classmates explained to me that there was real actual ghosts in our school. At that I told them I had the ability to talk to these ghosts in my mind. Other few people said they could achieve these abilities too. At that moment I started to hear things .Outside I heard small footsteps that no one else could hear. We weren't outside and I thought it had to be a ghost. My friend told me that there were two exact ghosts.One was a sweet,small,innocent girl who had died in the fire.The other was a dark evil ghost who practically controls the girl.When I looked at the window I heard it. The girl was talking to me.She kept saying what was going to happen. She told me my friend was going to be pushed down the stairs by the evil ghost. I quickly tried to warn everyone but it happened.My friend came back and said that she fell down the stairs.She said she thought someone pushed her but when she looked no one was there. I told her what had happened and how the girl told me everything. My whole class were forced to talk to the principal and priest. After the talk , we knew it didn't change anything. We still believe there are ghosts in our school.