Ghosts & Haunts In Missouri
       Haunted Locations In Old Mines

The grounds of St. Joachim's Church and the local cemeteries are said to be haunted. The Church is located on Pat Daly Road.

If you have experienced paranormal activity in Old Mines, please
e-mail us with your stories, photos or historical information.
Below is a letter regarding this site.

I live near the historic St. Joachim's Catholic Church.
I have been looking for information on this area and the paranormal activity around here. The house I live in is haunted by an old lady and an old African
man. The lights go on and off by themselves, doors slam, dishes rattle and you
can hear people talking and walking on the old wooden floors.
If you go upstairs when they are walking up there you can actually see the floor boards moving. There have been a lot of other odd things that happen in and around the house, church grounds, and three cemeteries. Also if you park in
front of the new cemetery at night or walk through between 12 am and 3am you can hear a baby crying.

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