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                 Nims Mansion Stories

There is a mansion at Bee Tree called Nims which is thought to be haunted, however I have never felt, seen or heard anything when I was there.  The mansion used to be used for a museum however the museum is now gone and St. Louis County is bringing a new group in to lease it out.  It does have alarms on it and is closed for right now.

Hi. I have a spooky story about the Nims Mansion in Bee Tree Park. My girlfriend, before we were dating, were at Bee Tree Park with her boyfriend at the time. They were walking in the park and passed by the Nims Mansion.  They got close to the mansion and were looking in the windows and exploring the exterior of the building. She said that she kept hearing voices coming from inside the mansion, but he said that he couldn't hear anything.  They stayed near the mansion for a while and she continued to hear noises coming from the mansion.  She wanted to leave, so they left and she hasn't been near that building ever since.

The old castle at the end of the trail in Bee Tree Park is not haunted... not even remotely.  He was actually building a castle and just never finished it because he ran out of money.  No one died there.  His wife died of natural causes in a completely different location.  She did not leave him for another man.  He sold the property and now Ameren owns it.  There is a transformer tower right in the middle of the site and it's very dangerous for anyone to be in there.  There are no trespassing signs on the fence also, because of the transformer tower, there are very high EMF readings at the location that can cause people to see things, feel things, break out in rashes, basically mucking around with their nervous systems.   Just fair warning: Security will have people arrested for trespassing.  There was actually an article written about this in the newspaper several years ago that explains the full history of the location.

When I went to the Nims Mansion with my friends, we were looking at  the building and the curtains kept moving and even though I heard  something that sounded like a young boys scream  no one else hear it.  We also spotted a red ribbon in the window which we took a picture of,  but about 5 minutes earlier it wasn't there. There was also a shadow  figure of a hand in the window closing the blinds. We were extremely  scared. Many many frogs and a sort of well covered up by a bolted  piece of metal (sealed). And everyone in that neighborhood started to  come out more during the night and you would not see a single person  walking alone, everyone walked in pairs. As soon as we started to  leave the mansion around sunset, more people started to walk toward  the back of the mansion as if there was a meeting back there even  though the place has been shut down for about 6 years. Really freaky place.

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