Ghosts & Haunts In Missouri
                               Haunted Places In Newburg

Below is our first reference to this site being haunted.
If anyone has experienced paranormal activity at this site, please
e-mail us your stories, photos or video to include in the database.

I have another story about the woods in which I grew up just down Highway T N/East of Newburg . I have heard that it was know as Satanís holler though I cannot find any historical documentation. The name it is most commonly called is "Bakers Slough" due to a long stretch of water cut off from the Little Piney by a stretch of Fields. There have been odd goings on for years here . Most witnessed by the locals who live on this road. But it all seems centered around the old Bakers Place which is up a small hill. There is also an unexplainable draft of extremely cold air which blows down the lane which goes up to the house. The lane is actually located in a small ravine, which opens up into a small valley . Though this could explain some of the cooler air, the air that emanates from it is extremely cooler than most would think is Normal. However, it isn't always so. But at certain times. The road and woods itself seem to also be haunted. Friends feel uneasy and fearful when getting out of their cars at night. When we let the dogs out some nights, we feel a very eerie and almost malevolent presence. My own mother said one night she saw red eyes in the woods. These are only a few of the many experiences people have had . These of course are personal or familial ones that i have recounted here. All in All I would say that Newburg Mo. should also be included on your list of Haunted Missouri.

Hi I live in Newberg, I haven't lived here long but it is a very creepy little town. It was built in the early 1800's (The sign when coming into town reads 1884 but my father has found some documents leading back to 1850 to 1840's) and 90% of the houses here are 1890 and up, very creepy looking and feeling when I get around them. I live one mile from the cemetery and about 100 feet from an abandon house. I have seen figures in my room of different people, mainly men and small children. My brother in law was over for the week and was sitting out by the back door he came running to me saying that something was in the woods and it was dragging something with it. The abandon house is 100 feet from my back door, seemingly ironic because he said it sounded like it was heading towards the old house. Every time I am outside I feel like someone is staring at me in the woods and through the windows of the old house. I was told that the last people that lived there bought the house and months later picked up and left the house for unknown reasons. Theres about 20 back roads leading to backroads that often lead to old cemeteries or to nowhere, I haven't got to investigate anything more because I cant find anyone in the area that would like to join me but if I come across anything else I will surly write.

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