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Haunted Trestle, located on the southwest side of town by taking Fairground Street south, it turns into a gravel road. The map below shows a gap, but this road does connect to the trestle shown with the number 913. Read the warning from a visitor to this site in the letter below about the driving conditions on the gravel portion of this road.

I have been to the Train Trestles in Mexico Missouri. I went with a group of people when I was about 16. When we got there I immediately got back into the vehicle and locked the doors! You definitely get the feeling that you are being watched and we also heard weird noises coming from the woods. That is one place I will not visit again!

A guy I work with showed me where the trestle is located. We went out there this morning while on our route. He said they use to party out there and he always got a freaky feeling, "something's not right here" He said the clan did do hangings from the trestle. I got a uneasy feeling when we where there. MoonFox and I plan on checking it out tomorrow night. I've never seen a bridge or trestle built like that before, looks very old. Anyway, if you take 54(first exit off 54 coming from Kingdom City) into Mexico turn left just past G&D Steak House You'll come to a T (Fairground Rd.) turn left, the black top turns to gravel pretty quick stay on gravel, the trestle is about a mile down, can't miss it. Warning go slow road is really wasboardy, I went sideways rite before the trestle!

I lived down the street from the trestle as a child and often rode my bike with friends there during the day.  I have also heard about all the stories that happened there.  As I got older it became a place to party, it is spooky, but at the same time fun.

Hi, first off great website! I have spent the last two days on here checking it all out! I got a list of about 12 places off your site that I plan on going too in the up coming months.

I live in Mexico,MO and have been to The Trestles many times. The directions listed are correct, going down the curvey gravel road lined with thick trees on both sides is pretty cool. You dont even see The Trestles until your 20 ft away from it, because the gravel road makes a very sharp right turn! Its a one lane gravel road that goes under a very unstable looking train track. The 1st time I went was back in 2001, and I wouldnt even get out of the car. ( I was alone and its was dark.) During the day time its just a very old bridge thats no longer in use. Looks like its being held up by wood beams, stones, and alittle concrete. At night it can be really spooky. I have been out there at least 20 times day and night, and really nothing has ever happend. Although one time there was a confederate flag hanging from the trestle. Its been said that the KKK met there for meetings back in the old days. Thats why The Trestles is haunted now, from the all of the hangings that took place there.  When I saw the flag it makes you think, but might just be someone messing around, might not? I havent been out there in aleast 2 years, about time to go back I think.

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