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Lonesome Hill Cemetery. Located just southeast of Lebanon where I-44 (not the I-44 loop) meets SR5, also called Jefferson Ave. Take I-44 southwest for 7 miles and take the exit just past Caffeyville called Dove Road and turn right on Dove Road. This dead ends onto State Hwy W.Turn left onto State Hwy W and drive down it 2 miles, then turn right on Cattail Road and go down 1/4 mile. The cemetery will be on your right, just before you reach the railroad tracks. It has been said that at this haunted cemetery blue mists appear to come from the woods and follow people. Click here to view letters from visitors to this site.
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Dear ghost story people, I was looking around on the net and came upon your site. I use to live in Lebanon Missouri and me and my friends loved to go ghost hunting. We have went to Lonsome Hill , Veteran park, and many others. We went to this one cemetery way way out in the woods that was a family cemetery. We had to go over some big hills and through a big field. When we made it to the field a big cloud of fog came out of the big group of trees in the middle of the field where the graves were and it never got in front of us or on the sides of us it just stayed behind us and when we got into the grave yard it surrounded the trees and never came into it. We pulled out an ouija board and played around with it and nothing happened, but there were acorn like things falling out of the tree's at us and it was a lil windy in the grave yard, but not in the other woods we had to go through to get there. And supposedly that grave yard was a slave grave yard for a family that owned that farm out there. The graves were back in the 1800's. Then we were in Ashley park one saturday night around midnight frog giging and I looked up at the gazebo up front cause something caught my eye and it looked like someone was standing up there and moved to the other side and I decided to go see who it was, cause well ashley park closed at 11:30 at night, we shouldn't have been there either lol it wasn't even frog gigging season. When I got up there, there wasn't any one there at all but it was real real cold and chilly, and down by the pond it wasnt. I started to walk back down to where my friends were at and It felt as if someone was pulling at my shirt and I turned around and no one was there. When I made it back over there my friend John asked me who was up there and I said no one and he said I seen some dude about close to 6 ft standing by you. Wearing a white shirt.  I told him he was dreaming, and as we were getting in my tuck we heard what sounded like a gun shot over near the gazebo and I thought  it was a crazy man and maybe there was someone over there and they were hiding and maybe they were crazy and if we stayed any longer they were gonna kill us. SO the next day I went and told my friends uncle and he said back in the 80's he could remember that a guy shot him self by the gazebo out there around midnight on a saturday night and he said he remembered it cause he was one of the responders with the ambulance and the dude had on a white t-shirt and the reason he remembered that is cause the shirt was covered in red blood and it looked real real red on that white shirt. I asked him if he remembered if he was tall and he didn't say, ever since that If im in Lebanon on a saturday night i go there and wait at the gazebo and hope ill run into him so I can find out who he is and why he is there. I live in Eldon Missouri now near Tuscumbia. Well Thank You, M S.
PS.  I have found your site very very interesting.

The cemetery will have a blue sign that says lonesome hill on it. Also legend to this is that something is suppose to come from the trees and chase you around. It has happened to me and my sister and son. I have some great photos on this at my strange lights area on my web page.

I went to this place well I was pregnant with my first son about two years ago. I am naturally very aware of the supernatural, but the pregnancy had somehow added to the effect. My now husband and his nephew took me out there well my husband was on leave. We got there around 11 PM. We parked the car right inside the entry. At first something in my gut told me not to get out of the car. (I didn't know the stories about this place at the time) My husband talked me into it, so I left the car and we started walking around. We took a lot of pictures got some orbs and what seems to be a lady sitting. We never reached the back. I saw something in the shadows and refused to keep going. It honestly looked like red eyes about the hight of a large wolf. It was as I was walking at a very quick pace back to the car that I really felt something watching me. Near the back I saw or at least I thought i saw two females standing and looking at me. Near their feet was what looked like another female kneeling and a the profile of a large dog. I ran the rest of the way back to the car. At first it wouldn't start. I myself am Pagan (a witch) and take sage EVERYWHERE with me. I lit the sage and soon after the car started. I had never had issues with the car before. Believe me or not its up to you.

37.582751, -92.760997 Hello, I am wanting to tell you about Lonesome Hill Cemetery  at Phillipsburg Missouri  o Exit 118 on I44. Coming from Lebanon make a right after the exit away from reminds candy factory. At the stop sign make a right and continue until Naples road make a left and follow it to lonesome hill cemetery. When I was a senior in high school close to 20 yrs ago now, my best friend at the time myself and two girls went to check out this spooky sounding place. Well when We first pulled up to the cemetery there was a sign that told us not responsible for accidents or deaths. We thought that was a little creepy but continued in. We got to the top of the cemetery and noticed there was a heavy chain around three headstones. We exited the car and went to look, there were carvings in the headstones looking witchy or satanic to us. Then we are walking looking at head stones names dates etc... The night was a typical early fall night in this part of Missouri, a light gentle breeze from the SW. When all of a sudden a leaf dust devil spins up in the middle of the cemetery, we all freak and run to my buddy's fairly new car, car won't start. We have the girls get in to steer while we push. As soon as we clear the entrance the girls beg us to get in the car so we do and my friend try's the car it starts we leave and as we are getting back on the interstate the car will not accelerate past 35.. At another time a few years after myself, fiancé, and three buddy's from the service decide to go check out the area again. Same entrance sign at the time as previously mentioned we pull the car up to the top again and get out to walk around and check things out. I show my buddy's the three chained off headstones and we are speculating what the signs carved into them are loosing place of my girl. When from a little ways off I hear her say hey come this way guys. So we all start to walk in the direction of the voice and we see "her" we are catching up and I am beside "Her"  when we then hear my fiancé from the opposite direction yelling for us to come over here. I look over in the direction of the voice confused my fiancé begins running toward us and I look back to where "she" was and "she" was gone. We reach my fiancé and tell her what just happened. She said we should get outta there.we did. Looking back we saw a mimic guiding us away from my fiancé. When I think back I notice my memories of the mimic are dark hollow eyes and a Hebe gebe feeling not like the warm love I felt from the real woman. Hope you maybe able to check this place out.

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