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there are many spooky things said to happen there; a very sad legacy ...I spent the night in the Lavender Suite, which is just luxurious -- down comforters, each side of the bed has its own radiator, huge marble bathroom modeled from an Italian estate ... Gorgeous!! We didn't have much in the way of oddity happen, though at the time of check-out the door had become stuck and we couldn't get out for a few seconds, but nothing major. There is a great book the Lemp Mansion sells that explains the history and gives details of the seances held there. There is also the "13 link" which adds to the mystique. Most of the suicides took place on the 13th of the month, and the daughter (I believe) was living at 13 Hortense Place in the Central West End at the time of her death, you might want to see that, as well. It is a pretty place. I hope you enjoy it there! It really is a grand elegant place with interesting history.

We have quite a few pictures from Lemp mansion, huge orbs and the face of, it
appears to be Charles Lemp in a cloud of smoke that appeared by the fire escape.

Back in 1998 right after I had my son, my mother's work went to Lemp Mansion for a Halloween Party.  They informed us that we could go on  a tour of the house and learn some history.  My mother stayed behind with some of her coworkers and I went with a group of others.  As we  were taking the tour we got to the bedrooms where people can spend the night.  A group of four people my age (consisting of two girls and  two guys) decided that they were gonna stay there for the night and they said that they stayed there the night before.  They told us that when they were sleeping the night before one of the boys got up and went to the bathroom.  Out side their bedroom door was some stairs leading down and the girlfriend of the guy who went to the bathroom thought she heard her boyfriend calling her name.  She got up and looked out the bedroom door and said that she saw him walking down the stairs.  Right after that he walked out of the bathroom and there was no way that he could have done that.. Then we continued the tour and they joined in .  After the tour had come to an end, we ended at some stairs and  the tour guide told us that upstairs the doors were locked and they don't open them to keep it intact.  Well, being the people that we were, we were nosy and we went upstairs and there were three doors.  Also, there was a piano with a candle on it.  Well, one of the boys went to the first door...locked.  We all went to the second door...locked.  We went to the third door and it was unlocked.. We all walked in,  it was pitch black.  We all smoked so we lit our lighters.  They blew out all at the same time.  The room was just big enough for one person to follow the other in single file.  The floor felt like mush.  We kept lighting our lighters and they kept blowing out.  You could feel the blow on  your hand like someone was blowing out the candles.  After that we all heard "SHHHHHHHHH".  We ran out of there and closed the door. We ran downstairs and got the tour guide and asked them about the rooms.  She said that in the room that we were in there was a little boy that got locked up in there because he had a disease and they fed him under the door.  She said that the doors remained locked because there was nothing to look for in there.  We went upstairs to show her that the door was open and when we got up there the door was locked. We all just looked at eachother.  Ever since that day when I tell that story I get the chills and the hair stands up on my arms.  I don't ever want to go back there again.

Myself, my wife, and two friends went on a tour of Lemp Mansion on Monday night, and in all I took 152 pictures, out of the 152 pictures I had 3-4 that had solid bright orbs in them and a bunch that had light dust like orbs in them, and feel that the upstairs bedroom in the Lemp mansion has the paranormal activity . Last night as I was looking through my photos I ran across one that intrigued me, so I cross checked it with another photo of the same area of the room and was kinda shocked by what I saw. I took two pictures in the upstairs bedroom , the clock in the one picture reads 8:38 plain as day, in the next photo taken, less than ten seconds later, the
Clock reads a crazy number that I don't think the clock should be able to project. I would love to send you the pictures so you can take a look yourself and tell me what you think. I still have the originals on my camera so you don't think its a fake and if you would like to see the whole pictures with the orbs and clock in it, I would love to email them to you. I have a very high end digital camera and the files are huge, but worth the clarity. I have attached the cropped photos for easy viewing, in the whole photo there is a bright white orb in the picture with the messed up clock S.
Hello From Terry of Ghosts & Haunts, Hi Scott! I have looked over your photo of the clock, I think its a genuine paranormal event. Because of the time on the clock you can rule out the the first digit changing over from say 12:59am to 1:00am and having your camera capturing one of the digits going dark or the reverse. The Lemp Ghosts like to play with electronics.

have been to the Lemp Mansion several times.  The only thing weird I have ever seen there was one time I was there with my grandparents for lunch, and we were sitting in the room that was originally the dining room.  We had a view of the back staircase, which I believe is the one that the servants used.  While we were sitting, I saw a black figure come down the staircase and disappear.  This is the only paranormal experience I have had at the Lemp Mansion.

Myself and my 3  sisters spent the night in the Lemp Mansion in April.  We have some pretty awesome photos of which I'll attach a few.
One picture in particular, you will see an orb that is Lavender...wonder if it's the 'Lavender Lady'?  In another, I took it appears to look like cigarette smoke, but IT ISN'T.  I wasn't smoking nor was anyone around me.  I was in the back of the house shooting up toward the Chas.
Lemp room.
I have attached most of what I think you may be interested.  Please, email me back and let me know what you think.  I took several shots of the staircase, back to back, some had orbs, some didn't, and they appear in different locations on the stairs.  The ones that interest me in particular are the lavender orb and there is also one that appears to look gold. 
I look forward to your reply and comments.
Thank you again,
C C. Hello CC from Terry with Ghosts & Haunts! I looked over your photos, I can explain away all but the smoke photo. I would have guessed its cigarette smoke also, but if no one in your group is a smoker, its a real photo. I don't smoke either, but also have captured images like these at haunted locations.

I am writing to explain some experiences I had about 7 years ago at the Lemp mansion that still bother me to this day. I am in search of answers I can't explain. On one occasion I was in the green room, or dining room looking towards the courtyard and stables. I decided to take a picture of the antique oval mirror on the wall. After I snapped the picture I felt a sharp breeze or draft as a candle that was lit on a table directly underneath the mirror extingiushed. This was a great personal experience for me as I had heard many stories and read the book. A few weeks later I had my roll of film developed and was interesed in a couple of things. The photo of the mirror seemed a little odd to me. Upon firts glance the photo seems normal but if you view it at different angles, turning it sideways will reveal what seems a wierd reflection. Like a female from the bust up, or a matrixing experience. But is that possible on film? I showed this to a women who I do not remember her name but was a phsychic giving tours at the time(In 2001). She said she was very interested in the photo for an upcoming book collection of stories and asked if she could have the photo. I politely declined and offered to make her an enlarged copy of it. After I mailed her this copy I never heard from her again. On another occasion, I was upstairs in the room that has the antique barber chair in it. While being in this room the chair very slowly swivelled about an inch to my right, unless my mind was playing tricks on me again. This time I wasn't fortunate to have a camera with me so I have no evidence to back up this personal experience but I felt I had one. I would like to submit The Lemp Mansion for T.A.P.S.Great American Haunt but the problem is I have to have the owners permission and I know nothing about the current owners. I haven't stayed there myself but have had dinner there on a few occasions and loved the food and the mansions rich history. I hope to return and am always in search of the answers for paranormal activity.  Thanks for allowing me to share my experiences with you.

Hello, my girlfriend and I stayed at the lemp manson last year and took this photo in one of the dining rooms. I just found this website and wanted to share this to see what you guys thought. In the middle of the photo theres a
White Image which looks somewhat like William Lemp. We didn't realize it until after we got home the next day and went through our photos TM
Hello from Terry with Ghosts & Haunts! You photo might be paranormal, I have problems with mirrors in photos, but I don't think its a factor with this photo.

Dude, you gotta check out Lemp then, if you've never been. If you can get like 3 or 4 friends together, you can all stay in 1 room. They let 5 of us stay in the Charles Lemp room (the green one) upstairs- they wheeled in a 'double bed' cot and a single cot- and we all piled together like kittens cus it was so freaky, heh... but it was really really fun. There was only another couple in the whole place that night. We had run of the whole house (except the kitchen and basement)- we spent a lot of time on the roof- even got some orbs following us back inside from the roof. The weirdest thing tho, was my best guy friend and I were walking from our room to the bathroom (which is quite a distance across the 2nd story)- and we both saw a ball of light appear out of the wall- travel around the room and back towards us and disappear. It was lightening fast. We both saw it and asked the other what they just saw. He's a total skeptic and science freak, so he tried to recreate it w/ his watch reflecting light and yatta yatta, but the more things he tried to explain it away with, the more he realized it really had to have been just a ball of light moving really fast by us. He couldn't explain it away. It wasn't scary, just bizzare.  Later in the orange room at the top of the stairs (I hate this room- one guy in our group stayed in there alone cus no one else would sleep in there)- anwyay, we were all hanging out in there w/ him later and I saw a similar ball of light "jump" off the floor and into the lap of the guy on the bed. It wasn't until I told them later that I remembered that there's supposed to be a ghost dog in the house too. When the last son killed himself he shot the dog too. When we finally went to sleep that night, I was the last one awake. (at the time, they hadn't finished the attic room- it was totally empty of furniture or anything)- I think there was a saw-horse and a chair up there- and some planks of wood- clearly getting ready to be remodled. Anyway, I laid there listening to what sounded like tons of furniture being dragged all over the floor in the attic above us. I tried to wake up the others, but I guess the wine got the better of them at 4am. I listened by myself til I finally dozed off. - Anyway, they do tours on Monday nights- its only like $10 I think, and they let you play w/ all the ghostbusting stuff- a psychic/medium person and her 'assistant' take you all over and tell you their stories and blah blah- it can be cheesey, but atleast you get to tour the house. Its fun. I totally recommend it.  Whew, sorry so long!!

If you make a trip to Lemp mansion, you may also enjoy a visit to the DeMinel mansion next door to it. I have worked security there on occassion during wedding receptions. Although I have not witnessed phenomena, I've spoke to a number of employees there who have. I have had some interesting experiences at Lemp. They host a 'haunted' house every holloween season, but below the old brewery, several blocks from the mansion, some spirits like to make their pressence known. During a tour off hours a friend and I went thru and encountered the real thing. Instant cold blast, extreme pressence of energy, and a  'being grasped' feeling. Circumstances prevented having time to try any serious communication with it.

I have a tidbit about lemp,
I used to work at Dr. Manheim's Asylum and Morgue which was located across from the brewery on Cherokee. There was a little girl trampled to death in there back when it was a carriage house for the brewery and a few co-workers and I have seen her about the place. I also worked in a "scene" called the boiler room and something tried to push me down a small flight of steps one night. My boss said my  screams were really good but I don't think he realized they were real. Come to find out later when I told him what really happened he confessed that the boiler room and that whole corner of the haunted house was never worked on after dark because all of the construction workers wouldn't go back there. Ha!!! and they stuck me back there by my little ole' lonesome??? Something is going on in that place, I'm not sure about all of it but I would LOVE to find out.

I have been to the Lemp Mansion several times. The only thing weird I have ever seen there was one time I was there with my grandparents for lunch, and we were sitting in the room that was originally the dining room. We had a view of the back staircase, which I believe is the one that the servants used. While we were sitting, I saw a black figure come down the staircase and disappear. This is the only paranormal experience I have had at the Lemp Mansion.


Hello, I was just on your website looking at some creepy places my family and I may visit sometime. I thought I might tell you guys about my experience at Lemp Mansion. My family and I always go somewhere scary around October because my father in law's birthday is in October and that's what he like's to do. So we set up a tour for all of us at Lemp Mansion when we arrived to the Mansion a man came down and got a pizza (evidently himself and his wife were staying the night there) well no more than 10 minutes later his wife comes running down demanding that the tour guide let her out of the house. The tour guide asked her to use the key she was given and she refused she said she wanted out the front door now! Well they left and never came back and she wouldn't tell the tour guide what happened, she just left. We all went on with the tour, in our family it was my husband, his father, his two little sisters, his grandmother and myself. Well when we would all leave a room to go with the tour guide and the rest of the group my husband and his father kept staying behind taking pictures and asking questions. I didn't want us to get into trouble so I kept trying to be the link that connected them to the tour group, and I ended up by myself a lot, and I believe that's why I experienced some things because I was alone. The first thing I experienced was on the top floor. The top floor has a different feeling up there like you are being watched very closely. I was creeped out up there especially on the stair case on my way up, so on my way down I hesitated for a second before putting my foot on the first step, when I did that I was shoved very slightly but non the less. And it wasn't anyone from the tour group the only people who were behind me was my husband and his father and they were both in a room taking pictures. So I booked it out of there. The next thing I experienced was near the basement everyone was doing there own thing so I decided to as well. We weren't supposed to go into the basement but I was going to anyway because I was curious as I was heading down there I had such a bad feeling I just left. I found out later that a lot of bad things happened down in that basement that the tour guide never mentioned, and I am glad I never went down there. The last thing I experienced was in the very first door to your right in the Mansion through the front door. Its full of photo's on the wall and tables and chairs. I was looking at one of the pictures on the wall and someone grabbed me by my shirt and my purse and pulled me to where I couldn't see the picture on the wall, I tuned around expecting to see one of Corey's little sisters but nothing was there at all.
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