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         Haunted Locations In Lebanon

Lonesome Hill Cemetery. Located just southeast of Lebanon where I-44 (not the I-44 loop) meets SR5, also called Jefferson Ave. Take I-44 southwest for 7 miles and take the exit just past Caffeyville called Dove Road and turn right on Dove Road. This dead ends onto State Hwy W.Turn left onto State Hwy W and drive down it 2 miles, then turn right on Cattail Road and go down 1/4 mile. The cemetery will be on your right, just before you reach the railroad tracks. It has been said that at this haunted cemetery blue mists appear to come from the woods and follow people.
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The Foundation, located just northeast of town on Peach Drive. While going down
Peach Drive from Lebanon  you will see an old foundation of a house on the right
hand side of the road, look for an open field behind the foundation with a deep ditch in front of the foundation. If you drive past Pacific Drive or LD Dampiers Horse farm you have passed it. 
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Memorial Park. Located on the 2400 block of South Jefferson Ave. Like the site called The Foundation, I have very little information about what kind of
paranormal activity is linked to this site.

Haunted Train Tunnel. Located north-east of town near where Peach Drive meets Grandview Road. Below is the first reference I have received to this site being haunted.
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