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         Haunted Locations In Lebanon

The Foundation, located just northeast of town on Peach Drive. While going down
Peach Drive from Lebanon  you will see an old foundation of a house on the right
hand side of the road, look for an open field behind the foundation with a deep ditch in front of the foundation. If you drive past Pacific Drive or LD Dampiers Horse farm you have passed it. 
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Memorial Park. Located on the 2400 block of South Jefferson Ave. Like the site called The Foundation, I have very little information about what kind of
paranormal activity is linked to this site.

Haunted Train Tunnel. Located north-east of town near where Peach Drive meets Grandview Road.
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Cemetery in The Woods.
Details on its exact location are vague, more information is needed.
Below is the first reference to this site.

Here a while back me and my friends decided that we wanted to investigate a story that we had heard. We had heard this story that there was a slave burial site out in the middle of the woods.So on a Friday night we went to the grave yard. Little did we know how much of a struggle it would be just to get there big wet hills and the long distance made it kind of miserable to get there not mention not getting a ride back home. But any way we finally got there . We did find the head stones dated from the 17 and 18 teen Hundred's I cant remember the names but they were there. Were brought a Ouija board that me and my friend made earlier that week. We found a stone and set it on it asked how they had died We got no answer.But while we were doing that acorns and twigs started falling really Hard and loud .My friend said he got smacked in the back.Nothing really that exciting ever happened but there is something strange there.If you live near Lebanon Missouri this would be a great place to drink beer and smoke stuff.But have fun getting there.If you know were Gentry Road is go to the end of and turn right before the dead end on the other dead end street I don't know the name. Go in the woods and you will find a big open field in it there will be a small patch of woods. That is were the graves are.

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