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                                         King Hill Cemetery Stories

I pulled out my old file from college. What follows is the text from the article written by myself -- I'm Jeanette Browning -- and Nichola Sollars for The Griffon News Halloween Edition, October 1998. The text is copywritten to The Griffon News, Missouri Western State College. The information came from the St. Joseph News-Press, Gazette and Telegraph, the Buchanan County Historical Society, St. Joseph City Directory and first-hand interviews:
"South End: King Hill Cemetery/Lookout: According to legend, in the late 1840s the pillars of the St. Joseph community found themselves a witch. After being tried, convicted and killed, the witch was buried in King Hill Cemetery, the oldest Christian Cemetery in the city. Years later, the Witch's Grave has become a rite of passage for city youths to prove their bravery in midnight visits. Her grave became so popular that the headstone was removed to keep vandals at bay. There are many stories related to the powers of the Witch's Grave, but none have been proven. One King Hill legend that has proven to hold more than a ring of truth is that of the Indian warrior. Indian legend says that the dead migrate over the Missouri River to the 'sun bridge' of the western sunset to the 'Happy Hunting Grounds.' And archeological evidence has been found at King Hill indicating it was an Indian burial ground. A story from the St. Joseph Gazette reported the tale of a pioneer girl who was scalped at the peak of King Hill Lookout. She was the beautiful daughter of a settler who built his house atop King Hill. She fell in love with an Indian warrior from a tribe that had captured her family. They ran away together, but somewhere in the course of the romance something went terribly wrong. Their bodies were found at King Hill Lookout. He had scalped her and then taken his own life. If they could not live together, they would not live at all. On a clear night, you can hear her moaning from the top of King Hill, mourning her death and that of her lover.

Hi, I am a current resident of St. Joseph Missouri. Their is one story I have heard. It has to do with King Hill. I heard that a women was murdered in her basement with an Axe by her husband or lover. Someone said that the Axe is still in the basement and still has blood on it. I am not sure if anyone else has heard this story. If so please e-mail more details. Thank you, J

Several friends and I have been to King Hill Cemetery at midnight in hopes of catching a glimpse of the "witch". While we were there, no activity seemed to be present, until we looked at the pics taken with our digital camera.  Not only do we have orbs, but we also have a mist figure floating above the gravestones.  Clearly visible is an outline of a face and what appears to be a long hooded cloak. The night was clear and none of us remember seeing this "mist" while we were taking the pics. I will try to send you a copy of the picture as I do not have it, another member of our group does. There were definitely cold spots. We all noticed those. Also, we had a tape recorder with us. At the time we did not notice any odd noises, but listening to the tape afterwords there were voices although it was hard to distinguish what they were saying. They were not our voices. I'll try to get the picture to you, it is a disk that my sister has, she went too.

The attached photo is of what we believe to be the ghost of Nancy Hawley. Legend has it that Nancy was a witch. Her grave is in the old King Hill cemetery in south Saint Joseph MO. The picture was taken on a clear cool night. No one was smoking when the picture was taken. although we cannot verify this is anything more than mist, we believe we can see a face surrounded by a hood or cloak in the picture. My wife Natisha Roberts took this picture sometime around Halloween 2004 with a digital camera.
We didget a recorded voice on tape that night that was notanyone from the group. It sounds like a high pitched crackly voice. The only word we could make out clearly was the name Chad. My husband was there that night and his name is Chad. We used a crystal and board to talk that night and my sisters husband said he felt bone chilling cold so we asked the crystal if the spirit was standing behind Steve and it said yes. I then snapped a photo of Steve and when we arrived home the photo of Steve looks like there is something behind him glowing.C and N R.

Recently a few friends and myself decided to go down to Kimswick for the fun of it to see if these so called hauntings were true, that and we had nothing better to do than go scare our selves. We parked on the far side of town down by the train tracks and old abandoned house. We walked the streets a bit down to the old bridge and decided to walk around and just check things out. After crossing the bridge we went over to the old utility shed on the other side of the tracks. It looked a little spooky but nothing exciting, then we kind of split up, a few of us stood by the bridges and some walked around the old field where the shed was. As we were standing here a faint sound appealed to us, all three of us looked at each other and waited. It happened again, the sound of what i made out to be a woman talking to some one. I'm sure there was a logical explanation for this so we all met up and decided to walk back, while crossing the bridge back into town we noticed a loud BANG! not like a car door but a Bang, needless to say we were a little on edge and this threw us over. Ive always been somewhat of a skeptic but the feelings I got there and the things I herd were genuine, and I'm positive something strange is down there!
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