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Jackson Cemetery. The city of Jackson is located north west of Cape Girardeau, the Cemetery is located down town at the southern end of South High Street where it meets East Monroe Street on the 400 block.  The monument to Colonel William L Jeffers a confederate civil war officer is at the entrance of the cemetery. At this haunted graveyard orbs and other paranormal photographs have been taken

Jackson High School, located right across the street from the old Jackson Cemetery off S. High Street in Jackson.

The story below is from a former student now graduated from this school.

It is said that "C" building (the auditorium) is haunted.  Some stories as to why there is a  haunting are:  it used to be the grade school, one story claims that a young girl was in the 2nd floor girl's restroom and fell out the window. Today many girls won't use that restroom because there is such an uneasy feeling that you aren't alone, and occasionally you can hear someone else in there when you are by yourself. Another story is that an elementary teacher who loved his job was in an auto accident on the way to school, and died. People say that you can still hear him happily whistling if you are in the building after hours.  The third story involves either a janitor or a construction worker (there is argument as to which one) who was building the auditorium.  There is also debate as to what happened - either the man fell from the rafters while working on the auditorium or killed himself there. Incidences of the spirits have been the whistling as mentioned before, but I also had two classes in that teacher's room, and the door had a habit of opening itself and slamming shut, even on days when there was no breeze on the 2nd floor because all the windows were shut.  Also, a teacher claimed that she was in after hours and suddenly began hearing all the toilets flush but knew she was alone in the building.  Many people have claimed that every night at 10:30pm the bells go off in this building alone -  this is untrue because I was there late once and it didn't occur. The auditorium isn't the only place of interest, I have a few pictures from the old gym, while it was dark due to a dance going on, where you can see several orbs floating. If any of this info. is handy in the future feel free to use it.  Every student at JHS has heard the stories. I actually graduated from JHS in May.  I do however know that one of the buildings ("Old A") was an academy during war time once. People used to say that building was haunted too, but I don't know if it really was.

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