Ghosts & Haunts In Missouri
   Lemp Mansion Sept 98 Investigation

For this investigation, we rented a room for an overnight exploration of  the mansion and let the owners know what we were planning to do.  I went outside and shot a photo of the exterior, see photo 1 and looked over the mansion, and after midnight we had the whole mansion to ourselves to investigate. We had a bedroom on the second floor and photographed it but found no activity in this room. A camcorder was left running unattended in the attic hallway. We videotaped a pulse or flash of light down at the end of the hallway. These flashes of light seem to be a common phenomenon at haunted locations. Others have reported activity in the parlor, on the stairs, in the bar, and in the bathroom on the first floor. The owners have been doing a lot of work on the third floor, which is unfinished.  In the basement all of our group felt this place was creepy, but we caught no activity on film down there on this night.

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