For September's investigation we were in contact with local home owners who believed that their home might be haunted. We were told of footsteps heard walking across the floor from the front of the house to the back and other strange activity inside the home, so we met to interview the owners and start the investigation. We used three investigators equipped with 2 camcorders, one VHS-C and the other HI-8 with infared night shot, 3 EMF meters, 1 thermal scanner and 4 35mm cameras. Two of the cameras failed to work this night  with blank rolls of film turning out on both, but after this investigation they have been used and are now working fine. During the investigation, 1 hour of paranormal activity was observed from several hours of footage taken and all the activity occurred only in total darkness. This activity was first seen in the basement  along an inner wall on video; 35mm photos were also taken, see photo 1 of a purple orb along the base of the wall. Photo 2 is a medium zoom of this photo and photo 3 is a high zoom of this photo. Also along this wall one of our investigators is seen holding a microphone with a long black cable and a white fog like object  is also seen, (see photo 4 and it's zoom photo 5.) No EVP recording attempts were successful during this investigation, but cold spots were felt by the investigators and measured on the thermal scanner, and after half an hour all activity seemed to stop here. Upstairs a large object was seen moving across the doorway of the sleeping children's bedroom and recorded on the video camera. We photographed a tiny orb upstairs, in a dark room through an open doorway but it was so faint it's difficult to see on the computer ( photo 6.) More video was recorded along an inner wall upstairs that is located over the same spot in the basement were activity was recorded. Copies of the video and photos have been sent to the home owners.
This was our second investigation of this St. Louis cemetery. We went to the location where we had found the cold spot on our first investigation, but there was no activity here on this night. However  our return to the mausoleum in this cemetery did show activity, see photo 1; the orange light to the right is just a street lamp that was located about 100 feet behind me reflecting into the glass, but look inside the front. Taking pictures at glass is tricky to do and not the ideal shooting condition, but other members have also photographed shadow-like figures inside this mausoleum before. Photos 2 and  photo 3 are zoom photos, can you see the two orbs and a skull like green face? Photo 4 has one of our investigators, Dave, with an orb in the background. Photo 5 shows another orb in the distance.We had less EMF activity this night than on our first trip and no EVP was recorded this night. We planned on staying very late but a very nasty thunderstorm blew up in a hurry while we were trying to record with the night shot video camera, so we were forced to pack it in.
This was the first of two homes we investigated for this month. The owners reported feeling uneasy in the basement and told us of an encounter with something in the   hallway so they contacted us to check out their home. We first found high levels of man made EMF in the ceiling of the basement. During our investigation we found the basement stairway to be very active, one of our investigators while going up the
stairs felt he had bumped into something at the top of the stairs. Two other 
investigators had the feeling of being watched from a back room on the first floor.   Many rolls of 35mm film were used, but only 2 photos one taken in the
basement by the stairs and the other up in the attic show any activity.