Long-Banta House
Potosi, MO

The investigation of this site was less thorough than the Austin-Milam-Lucas Store location because of a lack of time in trying to cover four different places in one night. Despite this, we were successful in collecting a number of EVP voices on the camcorder. You might be curious about the checkerboard light patterns in all my newer video footage. It’s a laser grid generator projecting a pattern onto the walls of the other side of the room. The reason for using this device is that we have previously captured black shadow figures and glowing ghosts with night-shot camcorders; with the grid generator it gives us the capability to determine an object’s size, speed, and distance from the camera. Apparitions are difficult to capture on video, but when the next incident does occur, we will have the most controlled conditions to evaluate the footage.

The Long-Banta Mansion is of Victorian style, built by James Long in 1865, the year the Civil War ended.  Long served as sheriff, with business interests in the smelting and mining industries. His wife Bettie lived here with their three children Lily, Minnie and Mattie. All of the family members eventually died in this home. The Mansion is maintained by the Mine Au Breton Historical Society.  

Visitors have reported being touched and hearing strange noises. I have heard single notes being played on the piano in the first floor parlor. I have also seen another investigator’s footage of a flashlight lying on the floor being switched on and off. People also report seeing the ghosts of women and children.

These are EVP voices captured with the same Sony night-shot camcorder used at the Austin-Milam-Lucas Store.
For best listening I recommend using headphones for reviewing most EVP voices. These tend to be faint and whispery in nature; however, some can be loud and detailed.  

video clip was recorded in the study. You can hear several people in the hallway laughing, but right before this happens, you can hear a woman's voice moaning.

In this short video
clip recorded in the study, a whispery male voice was recorded. 

In this
clip recorded in the children's bedroom, 
after the investigator asks "Are you frightened?", wait for the whispery reply 16 seconds into the footage.

Below is an assortment of photos taken both inside and outside the Long-Banta home.

Photo     Photo

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