Potosi Store Investigation April 20Th 2013

We investigated 4 local sites in Potosi, the Long Banta House, the city cemetery on W. Breton St. along with the church. This investigation will deal with the Old Store at South Missouri St. & West Jefferson St. During this investigation 2 people reported having been grabed one on the arm the other on shoulder. Also during the night our group experienced seismic activity, a shaking motion rolling through the floors. This was similar to what I have experienced on Zombie Road and the Monastery Ruins. Some members in our group experienced Hot spots at this location in addition to the much more common cold spots that I felt. One thing of note is the sheer quantity of activity in the building on this night, its rare to document this much activity over the space of just 4 hours.
Below are photos taken just before dark.

In his
clip while everyone is laughing you can hear a mans voice saying Oooh followed by footstep with the floorboards creaking.

During the
EVP session the question is asked, "were you fighting?" and a male voice replies, saying "talk to Chris" no one heard this reply.

EVP question, an investigator asks "are you the one that hurt him?" and a female voice replies "No"

In this
clip after the question is asked you can hear a knocking sound, we felt a tremor through the floor when this happened, some also saw a flash of light under Steve's chair which was unfortunately located too far to the right to be seen.

EVP question we asked "was this a murder made to look like a sucide" their is a long gap then at the 16 second mark a whispery voice is heard.

In this clip Thumping sounds were heard twice, it can be heard at the 16 second and 32 second points in this clip.

The the store EVP clip you can hear an exhaling sound followed by a female voice at the very end of the clip.

In these audio only clips recorded on a voice recorder before we had set up our cameras something grabbed Gregs arm, after he comments something snagged it a weird sound can be heard.

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