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Harney Mansion field investigation
Special thanks to the owners of this site for granting us permission to investigate this site.
This site was once owned by general Harney followed by others before its abandonment.
The stories if this site refer to it being haunted, however information regarding who is haunting this site remains unknown. These exterior photos were taken by Tom,
its a two story home constructed of stone. Much of the upper flooring is missing save for a main walkway running the length of the second floor. On the first floor  items once owned by a dentist living at this site remain. Interior photos A
After setting up our equipment we left the building and locked the door to inspect the grounds. While walking around to the locked door around the back of the building I experienced the distinct smell of fresh cigar smoke a few feet from the door. It was noticed by others before it disappeared a minute later. I have experienced this also at the Lemp Mansion, inside that building on its first floor.
Lated  I noticed what I thought was a shadow moving around a clump of trees to the side of the house, but I didn't get a good view of it because of its short duration.
  We returned to the front of the mansion and
and went inside. During the evening we conducted several experiments, EVP sessions, and video recordings.
During the investigation this strange flash was recorded on the second floor to the left of the still camera at the other end of the hall mounted on a tripod, we can't explain the source of this flash of light.
During an EVP session the male voice was recorded, it can be heard after the investigators question.

long version   short version boosted version
This weak voice was also recorded. We also experienced a lot of battery failures at this site.
The owners hope to restore this historic site, tours are sometimes conducted in October and any donations for its restorition would be appreciated.

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