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This is our second joint investigation with the members of Missouri Paranormal Research Special thanks for everyone 's effort in this investigation.

The owners of this property wish its location to remain undisclosed. We visited this site a week before the full field investigation for a preliminary inspection of the site. We noted a few minor cold spots in three rooms inside the home. In the dining room, two orb photos were captured --
Photo A, followed moments later by this photo showing the orb having moved to a different position in the room. Photo B During this preliminary visit we encountered some weak EMF readings in three rooms, an upper floor bedroom where a cold spot was noted, Photo C; the blue room Photo D ; and a back room on the lower level. This home has been detached from any power lines for years, making the cause of these EMF power spikes unexplainable. When we returned a week later, we arrived before dark to remove broken bottles and other potentially hazardous objects and used 5 chemical glow sticks to mark areas of damaged floors. One of the first signs of activity were lights witnessed by several members of our group at different times and locations throughout the house. We experienced one very odd phenomenon -- at most haunted locations it's very common for batteries to be drained very quickly of power. Here we experienced just the opposite. Several flashlights whose batteries were on their last leg from our recent investigation were fully reenergized. These lights were dim, on the verge of going totally out when we started, and soon ran at full brightness for the duration of our 8 hour stay inside the house. We haven’t encountered this before. In the upper floor back bedroom Photo E we recorded this strange whistling sound (Video) A It sounds like electrical interference, but this house, as stated earlier, has no electricity. One member of our group while touching an electrical light fixture from the ceiling received a nasty electrical shock, far stronger than a static electrical charge. He described it as AC wall current, yet the exposed and severed ends of the wiring leading up to the ceiling were tied into a knot at the window! Photo F In this same room we experienced a series of 4 fogged photos, each becoming progressively clearer till the 5th photo when it ended. Another odd event was the closing of doors that went on throughout the house. The first room where this occurred was the Blue Room. No one closed any of these doors -- we deliberately left them all open, as seen in this photo Photo G and yet when we returned to the home after investigating the grounds it was now closed! Photo H We had a camcorder running in adjoining rooms and the sounds of the closing door can be heard. We examined each of the doors for ease of movement. One of them, the next door to be closed, was located at the top of the main stairway. This door is warped at the bottom and can’t be pushed all the way closed without risking damaging the door or tearing up the floor beneath it Photo I . Yet it was somehow pushed shut.   We kept moving the cameras into each of the rooms where it was occurring to catch this on video, but it would happen in a different room every time. We could hear it happening on a camcorder located in another room Video B, but we never saw what was doing it. The third door was located on the first floor dining room, and again we were one step too late with our camcorders to catch it. We noted that this only seemed to happen when everyone was outside the building. Strange sounds were recorded during our investigation Video C . While waiting for more equipment to be brought upstairs, one of the window panes, less than 8 feet away from us blew out onto the floor! The window was boarded up from the outside. The sound of this happening was captured on our camcorders Video D. When we were preparing to clean up before we left the home we went through the house and noticed something weird. The red chemical-lights left on the floor areas that were potentially dangerous, (such as open vent pipes in the floor), the markers were gone! We had five in the house. One had been on the back staircase.  Another, on a open vent pipe in the floor of a bedroom, was also missing. A rut in the floor of a bedroom adjacent to the blue room had a marker which was gone too. And lastly on the lowest level there was a 2 x 4 nailed to the floor, (we were afraid someone might trip over it in the dark). This marker was missing as well. Only one was where it should have been, in the entry way. There is a closet beneath the stairs with an opening in the floor. That one was still present. We searched the home, and along the back wall there is a secondary stairway. At the bottom there is a gap in the wall where it meets the ground. Glowing beneath debris of leaves were 3 of the 4 missing lights. Photo J We searched the entire house and never found  the missing 4th light. Before these lights disappeared one  individual witnessed red lights moving about outside the house in the backyard. She saw them moving about but never witnessed what was holding them. We believe that these missing chemical lights were the source -- when we reviewed the video footage, no one could have entered the home without being seen on camera to get to the four rooms where the lights had been placed. On our audio recorders the sounds of the motion sensors were heard twice while no one was inside the home, and no footsteps were heard. During our investigation two of the rarest types of activity at haunted locations occurred. Very late into the investigation, Judy, while standing in the foyer, felt a hand on her back pushing her out the door! This is only the third example during an investigation where someone was physically touched (it's never happened to me personally, I am jealous!) The other is an actual human figure  witnessed by one of our group and captured in a photo. This photo was taken by Tom. This  is the best apparitional photo I've ever encountered on an investigation! On the top floor he actually witnessed a light moving up the back stairway emerging from the stairwell below as a human male figure! When he moved back away from the top of the stairs he aimed his point & shoot 35 mm camera and snapped this incredible photo shown in 4 versions along with a copy of the actual 35 mm negative. Ghost Photo A. Ghost Photo B Ghost Photo C   2.3 MB version (negative) He said it made no sound at any time. When he called to other investigators who arrived moments later, one had an EMF meter which spiked as he moved into the entry hall stairwell.  Here is a digital photo taken at this location after the ghost had vanished from the same spot Tom had taken his photo Ghost Photo D. Note that the date on this photo is incorrect; the correct investigation date is 11/2005 .
During the investigation the following EVP’s were recorded.:
1. 10:50 pm - breathy sound after question.
2. This sounds like the word "no" after the question.
3. 8:45 pm on stairway - this is a strong female voice, possibly saying "Miss Conner”.
4. 7:45 pm Listen for a voice possibly saying “Get Out” or “Get The Hell Out”.
5. 7:30 pm listen for the "no" voiced after the question .
6. 7:15 pm another reply to a question.
7. 5:15 pm another reply to a question.
We hope to return this this site for a follow up investigation in the future.

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