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          Haunted Rail Road Tracks

Recently we received a video clip from visitors to the Rail Road tracks located a couple miles west of Festus, showing a moving light which they witnessed on their camcorders LCD screen, but could not be seen by the naked eye. We decided to investigate this site further. I should also note that residents of some apartments nearby have reported strange activity inside their buildings to us. After a brief inspection of this site, we noticed a railroad junction box with a single light on it and wondered if this could have been the source of the light recorded by the earlier visitors to these rail road tracks. We
videotaped this electric light source to compare with their footage seen here. Since they could not view this light with their eyes, and the distance would have been no more than 50 feet away from the electric light, I doubt this was what they videotaped. You will notice when videotaping this light with our equipment, it creates a halo effect around itself and illuminates the surrounding area, which in their footage is absent. The faint reddish-colored lights are their flashlights.  I donít have an explanation for their footage yet. We walked along both sides of the east-west portions of the tracks looking for anything else that might have caused this light, but found nothing. We started taking photos and videotaping the area. The first odd thing we noticed while photographing the surrounding countryside were incredibly fast pulses of light, which could be seen from both sides of the tracks in the distance. They were visible on several cameras' LCD screens but invisible to our eyes. Photographing them was almost impossible because they were so short in duration you couldnít snap the picture before they disappeared. Only one bad photo with an example of these flashes of light turned out. (It's a bad photo because the junction box light source seen to the right can cause false light echoes). You will also notice dust orbs in the air. I believe this light seen top left in the photo is genuine; however, because of the conditions under which it was taken, a false reflection in the camera canít be ruled out as the true source. We decided to mount our camcorders far from the junction box  light to videotape these flashes of light. Fortunately because video runs continuously, we were able to videotape this phenomenon. In this video footage, a RR track sign is seen on the right, and in the distance the electric junction box light can be seen. Watch just to the left of the junction box light  for the pulse of light in this video clip. We videotaped these flashes of light from both sides of the tracks. We canít explain them. Later in the evening,several of us experienced creepy feelings along the tracks. We did not encounter any cold spots or other phenomena during the night. Eventually the good weather ended, with light rain approaching from the west preventing further investigation of this site. We feel this site needs further investigation to document more activity.

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