Ghosts & Haunts In Missouri
   Haunted Cemetery Field Investigation

The caretakers have personally witnessed the apparition of a Confederate Civil War solider in the graveyard; both Union and Confederate soldiers are buried here from a battle which took place across the cemetery road.  One of the ghosts witnessed repeatedly by the caretakers has a glowing red face.  He is very intrusive, attempting on several occasions to peer into their home through one of the ground-level windows, which the caretakers found necessary to block off.
Other strange phenomena are the mass crying of babies heard within the graveyard, and random glowing lights that on some evenings are so bright they illuminate the entire cemetery.
One interesting grave located in this cemetery is that of a woman, covered by a ten ton granite slab that has an interesting story behind it.  In this
photo, the two lights in the distance are just street lights, but at this grave we encountered powerful EMF readings.  Our first suspicion was that there were underground utilities, but the caretaker confirmed that there are no underground power lines in the cemetery, only the above ground lines in the distance. Upon closer inspection we ruled out man-made sources, because the meter grew weaker the closer it was brought to the ground, diminishing to zero at ground level.  It was strongest 6 feet in the air above this slab, which we can't explain.  Another odd thing was the fact that our night-shot camcorders were having trouble recording sharp images here, they were soft and out of focus, but only at this spot in the cemetery.  Still cameras also had trouble taking good photos at this spot.  The photo above was one of the few that turned out well.  This grave site is of a woman named Mary.   The caretaker told us that Mary had instructed her husband that if she died, under no circumstances was she to be buried underground; she insisted on an above ground mausoleum burial, and that if he did have her buried underground that she would come back and (get him).  Well - he did bury her underground, but was worried, so he had a custom 10 ton slab placed over her grave to keep her there!

In this strange EVP
Video clip you can hear a male voice clearly say "Look At Me".

In the next two photos taken by Tom of the same headstone, notice the
fog of energy in the first photo.  In the second, a human head & torso can be seen above the marker.  By the next photo everything had returned to normal. We also  encountered a cold spot along the path.  Notice the difference between the photo taken during the cold spot and those taken before it had begun. The last photo contains an orb high in the distance. Tom also photographed this Beam of Light that is very strange.

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