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   St. Barnabas Cemetery Investigation

Our investigation lasted approximately 4 hours, ending around 1:30 am. This graveyard may be the most active haunted site in St. Louis; on very few trips to this graveyard do we leave without documenting some kind of paranormal activity.
The weather conditions were excellent, upper 70's late evening dropping into the low 70's by early morning.
The skies were clear.  Earlier in the day a strong thunderstorm with little rain, but lots of lightning had passed through the area. The graveyard, located on a hill, was dry, but our Tri-Field meters which measure natural forms electromagnetic fields could not be used accurately because of low background levels of EMF in the air from the storm that had ended earlier in the afternoon.
Our night-shot camcorder had positive results. It was left running unattended. You can hear the winds still kicking up from the earlier storm. At the 8 second point in the following
Clip you can hear a female EVP voice say the name "William". Its worth noting that no one in our group has that name, she wasn't trying to communicate with us. Because this footage was discovered a week after it was recorded, we never had the opportunity to look for a headstone with William's name on it in the area where this was captured.
We also had good luck with our voice recorders & cameras, and in one instance we encountered both an EVP voice & photographic anomaly at the same time.
In the first
photo notice the luminous green fog of energy in the distance. Later we captured another one seen in this photo. These luminous fogs are common in this graveyard, but very rarely do we encounter them at other locations, and certainly not with this frequency. These luminous fogs range from blue to green in color.
They show up during any season, spring, fall, summer, and at any hour after dark till morning - there is no pattern to their appearance. They also appear on both digital and 35mm cameras, it makes no difference. This orb
photo was also taken during our investigation. Notice it's self illuminating, non-transparent & in motion. We receive false orb photos from other ghost hunting groups often. We advisel them to always take two photos from the same spot, because street lights in the distance can be confused with  orbs. One of the most common mistakes are dust orbs, seen as dull pale balls which can be seen through.  People will also send in photos with dozens of these pale orbs, which are just dust & moisture in the air; when they appear to have a nucleus-like center, they are also false orbs, along with shiny objects reflecting the camera's own flash-back triggering false orbs. Genuine orbs are very bright, self illuminating, have no man made light sources or reflective surfaces that could have created them.
We recorded one EVP with a digital voice recorder. After asking "can you show yourself on the camera?", something obliged us by creating a shadow in the photo taken at that moment, along with these
2 or 3 whispered words.  I superimposed the photos into the audio and have both photos at full resolution here for you to view photo A photo B for comparison. During our investigation we encounterd a couple of minor cold spots, barely worth noting, and all of us heard a strange sound while walking along the paved paths, which could not be heard when we played back our tapes; it may have been masked over by the noises of all our footsteps.
In the last
Clip the camcorder shows Tom in the distance, illuminated by the light on his still camera. If you look to his right there is a second mysterious light that appeared in the distance before vanishing.

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