St. Barnabas Cemetery Investigation

Our investigation began at 10 pm under excellent weather conditions.  We were equipped with 3 night-shot cameras, several digital cameras, a standard 35mm camera, digital & cassette voice recorders, EMF meters along with other tools. This cemetery is very large, approximately 88 acres in size. While walking back to  the area where in the past we have recorded the greatest levels of activity, along one of the paved paths we encountered one very brief cold spot. It wasn't as intense as some we have experienced in the past at St. Barnabas. In the first photo notice the bright orb of light among the headstones.
Genuine orbs are self illuminating like this one. False orbs caused by rain or dust in the air can create false orbs. They are easy to identfy, they're transparent and pale in color with a flat 2 dimensional quality. We often recieve photos from ghost hunters with orbs in them, sometimes hundreds of orbs in them, one of the things I hate having to do is e-mail other ghosthunters back and letting them know that what's in their photos is merely rain or dust particles reflected by the flash as in this false orb photo. During our investigation we recorded several strange sounds with our night-shot cameras. The cameras were left running unattended mounted on tripods using external extended range infra-red lights to boost image quality. In the first clip we tried an experiment. We set up a ouija board as a trigger object before leaving the camera running unattended. When we played back the footage this unexplained sound was recorded. Initially I though it was a growling sound, but after repeatedly playing it back I think it sounds more like a cement vault lid sliding, followed by a thud at the very end. I haven't heard anything like this before. The second video clip contains a sound we have heard on several occasions during previous investigations. It's best described as air escaping from from a soda bottle. What's interesting is that this sound can actually be heard by ear, most paranormal sounds are heard only on review of the tape. I have personally heard this sound by ear in the past, there are no explanations as to its source. This cemetery is the only haunted graveyard we have investigated that reliably produces exactly the same strange sound over and over again. In the past strange smells have also occurred here, but that phenomenon did not manifest itself on this investigation.
We also noted several sets of batteries either failed quickly, such as the ones in the Tri-Field Natural meter or some of the batteries for the digital cameras that were dead when loaded into the cameras. During the investigation we conducted several experiments.
We left a night-shot camera running illuminated by a candle powered lantern pointing at objects in hopes of catching these objects being moved without human assistance, but these experiments were unsuccessful. We then attempted asking questions into the microphone of a digital voice recorder to capture EVP voices. This has worked in the past at this cemetery but we had no success with this technique on this evening.
Late into the investigation while at the back SW corner of the cemetery, I noticed a black shadow figure to the north moving east among the gravestones. This only lasted a second or two, I can only describe it as a dark featureless shape.
It made no sound and moved faster than any human could.
We walked over to where I had seen the shadow, approximately 100 feet away.
We found a new grave at the site where I had witnessed the shadow, no headstone had yet been added. There are very few new graves inside this old cemetery. I decided to take some pictures of the new grave. In the first photo a large
arcing light is seen extending from the area near the new grave, traversing enormous distances in the 1/60th of a second shutter speed of the camera. In the second photo taken from this same spot seconds later the light is dissipating yet still visible. By the third photo taken at this site the strange arcing light was gone. A dozen more photos were taken but this strange effect could not be seen or duplicated in any of the following  photos. We later found the other investigators, who had been in another part of the cemetery and were nowhere near the area of this new grave where I had witnessed the moving shadow or taken these photos.
I have wondered if that shadow figures intention was to lure us over to this grave, or if it was a coincidence. Or do this figures have some connection with the recently deceased? I have answers on this point.
Subsequent photos show nothing but the streetlights in the distance. Its always a good idea to take additional photos in areas where activity is being documented.
We finished our investigation at approximately 2am. A follow up investigation will be needed to discover if the area surrounding the new grave remains active. The activity at this spot occurred so late into our investigation that there was no time to conduct EVP experiments,  this will be a priority on a follow up investigation.

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