May 04 field investigation Blackwell MO. During this investigation several sites were visited in or near Blackwell. The first site our group traveled to was a family cemetery known for paranormal activity. The road leading to this graveyard is now blocked to discourage teenagers from visiting the site and prevent the vandalism which occurred in the past. Ironically the cemetery has sustained far more substantial damage now from a tornado which uprooted enormous trees, which in turn have broken open some of these graves. In this photo the damage to the cemetery can clearly be seen. along with a bright orb against the back wall. One of the gravestones was that of George Higginbotham, born 1805 died 1863, who was the victim of a murder just before the end of the Civil War. The stone is now  cracked. Before the end of the war he traveled to North Carolina to sell his slaves for gold before the Union could abolish slavery in Missouri. Upon his return he was murdered and his gold stolen. What became of this gold remains unknown, and one of the individuals suspected in the killing was rumored to have buried the gold before he died. While in the cemetery this photo of an orb of light was taken. Two unusual things occurred at this time - we suffered heavy battery failures and cell phones with fresh charges on the batteries and the batteries in the EMF meter failed immediately. This orb photo was taken just outside the area of the family graves. In the area near this cemetery, the ruins of a blacksmith's shop are reported to be haunted. Only the foundation remains now, but the heavy sounds of hammer & anvil have been heard  both by home owners and an order of  nuns living near by. Another area reported to be haunted is the Black Tram Bridge. The original bridge, a closed metal girder type, was in disrepair. It was torn down and replaced with this paved concrete bridge on Upper Blackwell Road. This photo (left side of mansion) was used by the Masonic Order after the building they normally used was destroyed by fire. It has a reputation for being haunted.
In this
photo note the bright orb top right. There are no man made sources to account for this light - other photos taken from this same spot contained no orbs or any other photographic anomaly that would explain the orb in this photo.
We set up a video camera on the second floor and left the home to explore another site while the camera was left behind to record. We captured 4 unexplained sounds. In this
clip, listen for a strange sound. In the next clip listen for a sound which I can best describe as a shoe scuffling across the floor. The next clip contains two sounds, the first resembles some kind of staple gun, followed by Two Footsteps. no one was inside the mansion at the time of the recordings.
This Masonic cemetery is also reported to be haunted. We conducted a test for paranormal activity at this location with positive results.  During our visit this
photo of a bright orb just to the left of the headstone was captured. After we had packed up our cameras and equipment to investigate another site, I left a digital voice recorder on top of a tall gravestone with a Krill light marker to find the recorder in the dark when we returned to retrieve it hours later. The recorder was left in voice activation mode ( t only records when it hears something and then shuts off automatically). We left the cemetery for the next site. When we returned I retrieved the recorder and played back the 12 segments recorded while we were gone.
Two of the recorded segments, the first and the last, were the sounds of our car going up and down the long gravel path leading into the cemetery. Nine other segments were the sounds of cars passing by the cemetery on Upper Blackwell
Road. However, this sound, the fourth segment contains this
unexplained sound that I can best describe as the noises recorded when someone picks up the recorder and moves it around. I know that no one entered this cemetery after we left because any vehicle entering the cemetery, or stopping outside would have been picked up and recorded before this sound occurred. The video portion of this clip is from this cemetery, but was recorded much earlier, before we left the voice recorder running unattended. I have no explanation for these strange sounds. It would appear something in this cemetery picked up the voice recorder to examine it, then placed it back on top of the gravestone where I had left it.

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