Lemp Mansion Cavern Investigation
We had the rare opportunity to tour the underground caves, tunnels and caverns connecting the Lemp Mansion to the brewery. One member of our group knows the owner of the mansion, who was kind enough to provide us with a guided tour of the caves.
There are three entrances to the caverns. The first is in the mansion's basement.
This entrance has been sealed off and is no longer usable. If you visit the lower level restaurant you can still see a brick archway with a false front covering the entrance to the tunnels. This was the
Path traveled by William Lemp to the
family owned brewery several blocks away.
A second entrance is located a block away on the opposite side of the street.
This entrance has also been
sealed up.
We traveled to the brewery, where the only remaining entrance to the cavern is located. We first went
upstairs, some 7 to 9 stories up via a spiral staircase. One person captured a large Ectoplasm in front of an access stairway to the roof
with a 35mm camera.
There is an old fashioned open elevator that took us to the lowest level. Down in the brewery's basement is a long access tunnel. One of these tunnels
leads to a building across the street where an incredible amount of theater props are stored. The route we used was through a locked door off the tunnel connecting the two buildings.
In the first
area are large rooms where you can still smell the yeast from the hops where the beer was made.
Continuing farther leads to a large underground
Ballroom capable of accommodating large groups of people. There are also the remains of a swimming pool, where lavish parties were held by the Lemps. During the hot summer
months the cool conditions provide natural air conditioning. Continuing farther down in the complex are rooms at a lower level. We found a small opening in the
wall and floors where we recorded this footage of underground ponds. The owner told us that the water level here never changes no matter how much rainfall
occurs. We each brought two pairs of shoes. The floors beyond this point are covered with incredibly fine dirt which sticks like glue, yet is slippery when you walk across wet spots on the cave floors.
This point enters into the caverns, the
cave system here is knows as Cherokee Caves. The size of these caves varies, but it's quite large and open. The Lemps
built a cement staircase which crosses a 6' deep ravine. The far side is intact, but some time ago the west side stairway must have collapsed.
We each had to climb down into the ravine from the west side to reach the cement
Steps leading up out of the ravine.
The air down here was very warm, humid and thin. We passed the
sealed up entrance to the mansion in the roof of the cave, continuing beyond this we found several much larger underground pools in the caverns.
Some of these
ponds contain blind fish adapted to living without light. We turned around and backtracked to a point just before reaching the cement staircase. We then took another path south which led to another subterranean pond. Water falls from the ceiling of the caves into these pools. The air quality was very poor in this area, we used cigarette lighters as tests because we weren't sure of the oxygen levels in the atmosphere down in this part of the caves. It was very thin and harder to breathe in this area. We took a lot of photos down in the caverns. We did manage to photograph several orbs here, but the humidity levels were so high that our 35mm cameras were fogging up very badly. No photo taken under these extreme conditions could be considered genuine orb activity. The heat generated from the camcorder seemed to keep its optical lenses clear during the tour, so it fared better under these extreme conditions than the cameras. I recorded all 4 hours of our tour beneath the mansion and brewery on HI-8mm video. Several people have been requesting info on how to arrange for a tour of these caves. Unfortunately the owner can't secure insurance coverage because of the dangerous conditions, and since he is personally responsible for any injury, he is unable to offer tours to the public without liability coverage. Until this happens this site will remain off limits to the public.
In the future I plan on adding more video clips of the Lemp caverns to this website.

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Ecto Fog photo taken by Luke
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